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 Depth chart setup basics

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PostSubject: Depth chart setup basics   Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:17 pm

what do you guys look for when you set up your teams depth chart? i usually try to get one of my db's with the best awareness at ss, and i try to find a great player with terrible awareness too user at fs. then i look for overall for LBs but if there is someone within say 5 points overall that is a lot faster than the higher person i will prolly try to find a way to work him in. then i kind of leave the line along for the most part...

for my offense i dont think it really matter much as i can make the substitutions in the play call screen but basically i run a 2 back 3 wr set, but if the team im using has a good TE ill sub him in at either the #2 or #3 wr spot or even if the team has good enough rocket catch options i might put him at the FB's spot. Then ill keep my primary back in the normal hb spot, put my best rocket catch option in the #2 receiver spot. and my best possession receiver is obviously gonna be in my number one spot unless he falls under best rocket catch category as well.
ex. 49ers
WR #1 Crabtree
WR#2 Davis
WR #3 Morgan
HB #1 Gore
HB #2 Coffee

this works great for me because Davis always lands in my favorite spots out of my other formations too rocket catch. Crabtree will always be on my cross patterns that require speed and good catch in traffic rating and Coffee also falls into some great routes for a running back to get the ball and make a play by breaking a tackle or two to go all the way. I would say the biggest downside to the way i set this up if its not a team where i get to put the normal fb or TE at the fb position is the lack of great blocking when i audible to my iform or weak formation. however with certain teams (ravens,and eagles for example) that is never a problem.
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Depth chart setup basics
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