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 Nice interview with zp3(

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PostSubject: Nice interview with zp3(   Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:46 pm

Sorry to post something from another madden site, but it's nice to see zp3 getting some love.

Name- Zac Paletta
Nickname- ZP3
Hometown- Minneapolis
Age- 19

ZP3 is off to a pretty decent start this year. By finishing second in our Apprentice tournament, then following that up with a narrow loss to Dynasty at the Big City Hall of Fame tournament in Columbus, Ohio, ZP3 caught our attention in a hurry. Results weren’t always visible from ZP3, however.

Starting late in the Madden ‘04 season, ZP3 was simply a franchise player. Over the next few years he got bored of playing against the computer, and in Madden ‘08 he took his game online. Matching up well against the best online players, ZP3 was forced to evolve his game or level off. In doing so, ZP3 found the GameBattles website.

AskMadden: How did you find the competitive Madden scene?
ZP3: I found the tournament section and saw there was a tournament, and that’s how I started to go to live tournaments.

AM: So you weren’t always a live player? What sort of evolution did your game take to get you where you’re at today?
ZP3: The first live tournament I went to was a local Walmart opening day tournament. After winning that, I took online a little more seriously. I won the GameBattles Madden ‘09 Winter season, as well as the GameBattles Holiday Bowl Champion in October of Madden ‘10. After that, I started to talk seriously with people on for strategy, and ended up making the playoffs in one of the Big City tournaments. From there it was the Apprentice tournament, and finally the Big City HOF tournament.

ZP3 squaring off against Dynasty

AM: Define your play style on offense
ZP3: I’m offensive minded. I love to think about the game and visualize it when I’m not even playing. This helps me concentrate when I eventually do get on the game, by getting in quality practice time, not quantity.

AM: What about defense?
ZP3: I just want to get the job done. It’s difficult to stop any of the really good players’ offenses, so all you really need is one turnover. I’m looking to get one stop per game, and score every time I have it. Simple enough, and it works. If that doesn’t work out, use the clock to get the last possession.

AM: Any predictions for the rest of the year?
ZP3: All I can say is look out for me at Playersbowl.

If you guys want to find out more about the Apprentice tournament, and who won, you can do so here. If you want to find out more about the Big City Hall of Fame Tournament, you can do so here:
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Nice interview with zp3(
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