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 Megatron Run D!! Madden Bible saves the day again!

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PostSubject: Megatron Run D!! Madden Bible saves the day again!   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:27 pm

I am the Lions in a franchise, and while my regular season record was 13-2 (heading into last night's game), my biggest problem has been stopping the run. I have been fortunate that I get early leads, and that allows me to use some of the various pass defenses shown by Farls and Gibs to hold my opponents down, but in the NFC in my franchise, the two toughest teams in my way are the 49ers and the Vikings, both of which run the ball on average for well over 200 yards a game, and they will relentlessly run to the point of sometimes only throwing 3 passes a game.

I was desperate. So I came to madden bible looking for help, and I saw Megatron's zone in the defensive strategy forum.

I would brag, but I'll let this link speak for itself.

Now, I know...11 carries 111 yards isn't exactly shutting down the run. That's not the point. 56 of those yards came on a play where I went away from megatron's defense on a 4th and inches, and went to a goalline, and he tossed outside and went to the house. The Megatron D held himnto 10 for 55...which I will take EVERY TIME. I had guys in position every play, and 95% of the RBs in the game would have been completely shut out. Peterson being Peterson just bullied some guys, but the play worked.

I wasn't looking for anything like 25 carries for 25 yards, I respect my opponent and especially respect Adrian Peterson in madden. I just wanted to slow him down enough to get a lead early and force him to come out of his comfort zone and throw, which he did, and that led to 4 int's. Peterson was unable to keep my offense off the field.

So, yet again, I had a madden issue, I came to madden bible, and now I'm better for it. I ended this guys 12 game win streak in a resounding 42-14 fashion.

It was just week 17, but the game was for the NFC North title, which should give me a bye in the playoffs. I'm sure I'll see Peterson again, and you better believe he'll be seeing Megatron's Run D again.

If you haven't seen his post yet, it's under Defensive Strategy, and it's golden. I printed it out, labbed it for a grand total of 3 minutes before my game and then ran with it. It's a simple set up, but a great concept, and it works.
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Megatron Run D!! Madden Bible saves the day again!
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