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 360 Player's Club Looking For Ballers

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PostSubject: 360 Player's Club Looking For Ballers   Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:11 am

Hey Guys, is always looking for ballers who enjoy playing simulation style sports.

At this time here is a break down of all our leagues and what openings we might have.

Online Franchise- All 32 teams controlled by human owners and we are in week 5 with one opening for the 1-3 Rams. The league uses a full salary system with a salary cap, trades, free agent bidding, and more. Our moves also will carry over to the 2011 version of madden. Play one game every 5 days.

Fantasy Franchise- 12 Human teams and 20 computer teams. This league moves at a faster pace playing 1 game every 3 days. We do not use trades or contracts in this league. This league also has one spot open.

** We are talking about a possible third franchise league using real teams and having 16 human owners and 16 computer owners. If we did this would be another faster league advancing once every 3 days.

Online Dynasty- 12 owners currently in week 14 of season 1. This league is full at the moment but taking backups.

Online League- We are currently taking applications for this league which should begin on Monday, Sept 21st. We are going to go with 16 human owners. The current status of the league is 11/16. So 5 spots remain.

Online League- Currently taking applications for this league as well. We will use all human controlled teams in this one. Right now we have filled 12 of 30 spots. So 18 more remain.

So if your are interested in simulation style sports then check us out

We only ask for two things when you join. Be active on our forums (or check them daily to keep up with the latest news) and play your games on time and within the rules.

Have a good one.
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PostSubject: Re: 360 Player's Club Looking For Ballers   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:05 pm

Are yall still signing up?
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360 Player's Club Looking For Ballers
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