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 StupidDialUp Scouting Report

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PostSubject: StupidDialUp Scouting Report   Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:03 am

On the Goalline, it looked like he used a SB Ace formation with C routes & motion snapped & quick passed for a TD to a WR..

He liked Snugs Flip from SB so be warned..
He should have used the Stick play/HB Draw from Snugs Flip a lot more if he was going to use a book with SB Snugs Flip..

He has bad luck and a bad team.. so watch out..
He used Peyton Hillis like he should; He has a nice Misdirection play..

I think he runs a 4-4 D.. so good luck Very Happy

[I can't remember much because I'm veryyyy tired.. and it's been 6 hours since our game..]

If I were him:
I would run more. I would use a run formation with a FB [I swore he used SB run formations..]
I'd recommend I-Form Pro/Strong Pro.. I-Form Tight Pair.. Strong Close/Strong Twins Flex
I'd recommend a lot of HB Dives with Hillis so he falls forward.. stack your LG/C/RG with your top 3 RBS. [Run Block Strength, I did a test, RBS is the only stat that matters for OL] RG being your #1 best, C being your #2 best, LG being #3rd best.. RG being your best because he will go up vs. opponents #1 DTs a lot.. you want your best vs their best.

A playbook with a great power run formation with a Snugs Flip, shotgun albeit.. is St. Louis Rams...
Strong Twins Flex has a Lead Draw, which is very rare from a formation with a FB, AND has NO automotion.. It has a counter, off-tackle, dive, toss.. everything you need.. and Gun Snugs Flip..


PSN: wangtangkiki

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Thank you guys, I appreciate it. Madden is my passion. So are spreadsheets.

Any video requests for M12? Email me:
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PostSubject: Re: StupidDialUp Scouting Report   Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:36 pm

Very nice write up, I hope others follow!


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PostSubject: Re: StupidDialUp Scouting Report   Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:25 pm

Scout on Wangtangkiki:

First, wang, thanks a ton for the advice. I run CAR playbook and you are right, i should use more 2rb sets, i just like the speed i can get to the holes on dives in single back formations. U were right on with the lack of snugs assault in our game. Appreciate the advice.

On Offense:

Comes out in 3wr/4wr sets as his base. If he sees you in a dime or higher he will audible to a strong formation and run a toss, a dive or a counter based on how you set up your defense. He runs to the right side of the field 90 percent of the time. He is an extremely patient runner and he never outruns his blocking. When i lineshifted to the right he runs the counter so you can bait him into running a counter and put your lde and lolb on contains to take away the outside lanes. I also put my MLB on a spy to help get the jump on the rushing lanes but be sure not to overpursue. If your OLB is even with the TE, he will run a pitch. if he is outside the TE he will dive. Best way to counter his running game is to have your user tackle on point and try to bait him into running the play you want him to run and not vice versa.

When he passes he will flood your zones with the 3 tier approach when he is in a spread formation. Uses singleback bunch so bump him when you see him in this formation. When he is in 3wr spread to one side he will look at unbumbable to smith or hit his RB out of the backfield. His first two primary reads on any passing play is smith or deangelo and it was mostly deangelo into the flats or he would motion deangelo next to the tight end and runs a flat route opposite of the motion. If he passes in 2wr set he will motion steve smith if he sees you are in zone coverage and if your OLB is playing the line and not the receiver he will quick hike at the end of the motion to hit smith into the flat. He moves a WR in motion on every play to increase blocking or attack zone coverage.

Recommendations: Kick deep to him. He puts deangelo and stewart at the backup TE/FB spots to return short kicks.

On offense: he is UBER aggressive on running plays and will bite on playaction if you can stomach the risk. make sure you have enough blockers. He usually uses a MLB in spy presnap so he can shoot the gaps on rushing plays so use a lot of misdirection and tosses. When you are in obvious passing downs he will bring 3 man edge heat so a simple slide protect can pick up the easy read. It's almost always coming from the right side (only does it if you are in 4/5 wr spread sets). A scrambling QB can hurt him coverage schemes. On long distances he will also put 10 guys in coverage. He will give an occasional C-route but will protect against it after the first time he sees you in it.

On defense: play the run and force him to beat you with his passing game. Just make sure you have an answer for steve smith if you are selling out to stop the run. After the first qtr i switched primarily to 4-4 and 4-3 blitz packages and I was able to make some crucial stops. He WILL run on 3rd and 4/5/6.
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PostSubject: Re: StupidDialUp Scouting Report   

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StupidDialUp Scouting Report
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