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 Shorticus Scout Report

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PostSubject: Shorticus Scout Report   Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:39 pm

Shorticus Scout Report:

On Offense: He runs a lot of spread offenses and loves 2rb/3wr sets. In his 2rb/3wr sets his primary read is his running backs whether it be on a screen, in the flats or on a out and up. He does a decent job of picking up A-gap heat when it's obvious as he keeps his RB's in to block to buy him time. Had difficulty vs cover 2 man/cover 3 man packages and will walk into contained DE's if you are in max protection. He is a pass first player but will run mathews on dives if you give him the option. Offense is pretty vanilla but he does read defenses well and will hotroute vjax on a fly route if you have a slow corner on him (got me twice deep when i was bringing heat in a cover 1 man.

On defense: He will open the game in the dollar cover 3 and cover 4 mix and he will slide his Dline to the right, and use his DE as an extra LB in coverage so he only rushes two players all game long. I had very good success driving the ball down his throat (until hillis fumbled in the 4th qtr). When you show him that you are going to ground and pound him he will adjust to the 3-4 to give the appearence of the dollar and again only rush two defenders. He is always in either a cover 3 or cover 4 defense ALL GAME LONG so hit your flats (which id didnt do nearly enough) and run your 4 vert or flood schemes. You will have all day in the pocket as he does not bring any type of heat. If you are behind or in obvious passing downs, make sure your strongest armed Qb is in the game so you can adequately attack the seems. He often flips his cover 3 so if you wait long enough at the line you will see the yellow zone safety cheat up for the classic tell as to what side the zone is leaning.

Recommendations: Pound the rock hard, often and nohuddle as he will not make adjustments and just take it long and deep up the middle. He uses the spy tactic to cut through the line on draws so i'd use dives, misdirections and counters to throw him off to engage the block. Plan man defense on him and bring heat. Had about 6 sacks on him. Just make sure you dont leave vjax alone on the right side of the field as that is his money play if you have no over the top protection. You will see his staple of plays by the end of the 1st qtr, mid 2nd. What makes shorty dangerous is the superzones since he runs them every play he knows where the weakness is going to be in the lanes.
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PostSubject: Re: Shorticus Scout Report   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:56 am

Thanks...that it very interesting. Actually a very good report. But, I never run cover 4, and never flip the cover 3.

I never realized how much reading my own scouting report would be of use to me. Thanks Guy!!! cheers
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Shorticus Scout Report
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