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 pass balance - partial breakdown

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PostSubject: pass balance - partial breakdown   Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:46 am

Started this but never finished. I have since moved on to use Pitt who works very well with this but use the same general concept in terms of depth charts. Sorry about the formatting
I generally will use every formation listed. I know most people stick to 1 maybe 2 sets to come out in but for me I am not comfortable doing that it just doesnt work for me. No defense can defend every set so keep that in mind.

Sb spread flex – draw
Split slot – z option
Split slot – draw (this is my flex audible which I think everybody should have—meaning I may change this 1 or 2 times a game if I found something I like against my opponent I put it in)
Gun y trips – 619 sail
Sg2back – te out

Saints depth chartWr = colston, meachem, Henderson, roby, shockey
Te = Thomas, shockey (for base plalys sub in shockey at TE I have him #2 so I can sub him in at tight flex 4wr
Oline left to right = evans, nicks, brown, stinchcomb
Rb = bush, Thomas, ivory

Come out playsSb tight flex – slot corner, off tackle
Sb spread flex – slot cross, short ins/outs, inside zone, hb screen
Split slot – off tackle, slot z out, draw (if not in audibles)
Strong close – off tackle, hb screen, toss, y trail
Sg2back – slot post, wr corners, mesh
Gun doubles – slot shake, qb sonya check, slot post, z spot, strong flood
Gun y trips – double unders, curls, draw, corner strike, slot drive, hb screen
Gun spread – y shallow cross
Gun snugs – wr in
Gun Empty – wr in, te slot cross, dbl slot cross

Tight flex – I go 4wr and from left to right I have Henderson, shockey, meachem, colston

dive or off tackle
run right – slide pro down, motion colston and snap when he is under the rg.. head for b gap
run left – slide pro down, motion shockey and snap as he reaches the lt
either – slide pro down, motion shockey all the way right and then back and snap in the run side a gap

Off tackle, practice see what def fronts you like to run against
run left - slide pro aggressive and motion colston over, snap as he turns starts to set
run right – motion shockey in right a gap

bench switch – mainly to setup last dive/off tackle setup but you can do whatever with other plays or do a 4 verts setup (would do the motion setup)
smart route meachup, streak colston, drag bush and motion shockey all the way right, drag him one he passes the center.. motion him back and snap after a couple steps

Slot corner
1) Smart route colston, streak henderson, can motion rb either way if you want and block or not
Against press I would probably do a different setup but if not motion rb to the side you think he can separate from his man best.
2) Same setup as above but motion meachem out wide right
3) Motion Henderson out left and put on in route, block meachem or streak (mostly zone but also can hit against man with the right matchups)
4) Motion shockey out left and drag Henderson
5) Motion shockey out left and drag
6) Motion shockey out left , streak henderson and meachem, slant out colston
7) Motion Henderson out left and put on in route, block meachem
Cool vs press = drag colston, drag bush, smart route shockey, drag Henderson – motion colston in and snap as he sets (like off tackle)
9) smart route colston, drag shockey, streak Henderson – motion colston in and snap as he sets
10) smart route post, slant in left slot, slant out left ourside wr

Split Slot

Slot Z Out
1. Motion X left, slant in or streak SQ, and streak/slant out/smart route O
hit X as he breaks back if not open look for TRI or L1
2. Motion X left, streak X, slant out SQ
basically a slant out/streak/flat with the delayed blue as the flat.. watch TRI as well
3. Streak X, slant out O, motion L1 left and streak L1, slant out SQ
4 verts and clear out for angle.. also setups Z option/fb dive, ect
4. Motion TRI right, streak SQ
Assignment switch usually happens and TRI is open early
5. Motion X left, smart routed in route X, drag SQ

1. Motion X left, streak SQ and extended curl O (or I drag him if I think MOF open)
Slant out/streak flat again with curl/flat on opposite side
2. Motion X left, slant in X, streak O and extended curl (or drag) SQ, motion X back left and snap after he passes the oline
Basically same as the above but opposite side and it sets up the off tack setup
3. Motion X left, smart routed in route X, drag SQ
4. Motion TRI left, 4 vert setup with nice flat route

Z Option - As long as the CB isn’t in a flat zone the L1 route is tuff to stop
1. Snap and throw—can change X/O to streak/slant out
2. Change L1 to drag, drag O and motion L1 left
Or block L1 and motion TRI with the same setup
3. Change L1 to streak, motion left, slant out SQ, streak X and slant out O (4 verts with blue)
4. If the person guarding L1 is in the box then he should be open most of the time, snap and throw
X and O quick throws too
5. Blk L1 or drag, smart route SQ snap and throw to SQ (pass inside)
6. Motion L1 or TRI left and drag, drag O

PA Slide
1. O on in route, blk/streak/drag TRI (drag usually messes up timing of L1)
Another china7 setup, drag/in/corner
2. Motion X left, drag SQ, blk TRI
If you cant hit L1 usually the drag coming across will be open b/c the zones reacted to L1

Slot Post
1. X on smart routed in route, drag O, motion left and drag
Watch the deep post usually can hit it but drags/flat otherwise
2. Motion TRI right, smart routed in route, streak O, drag X

1. Run if you think you have it but I like draw better however its not the run audible lol.
Slide pro left is the best I think but depends on the d alignment

Off tackle
1. Motion X left and then back right.. snap as he gets into the run side a or b gaps

Hb Draw
1. Slide protect aggressive. Motion X left to one of the gaps
Usually off the LT outside hip or LG if they have a dl in the b gap and someone outside my LT

Strong Close – most people know the different things about this setup so I will just tell you how I run offtackle.
1. Run right – slide protect left, motion outside wr left and back again to snap in run side a or b gap
2. Run left – slide protect right, motion outside wr left and back again to snap when he is under the wr

Snugs flipped – not much explanation
Trips Hb Wk – WFColonel56 stuff
Sg Empty – generally motion outside left wr in
Sg2back - i like to motion left RB right to a trips looks, try it with slants and watch him
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PostSubject: Re: pass balance - partial breakdown   Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:08 pm

Thanks for the contribution
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PostSubject: Re: pass balance - partial breakdown   Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:23 am

ditto, I've used this a book a few times and this helped a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: pass balance - partial breakdown   

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pass balance - partial breakdown
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