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 Pats Rule

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PostSubject: Pats Rule    Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:34 pm

Ok remember Pats Rule is PASS HAPPY. How he played me on O is that alot of his formations generated around the smart routed post corner route to Jackson. He favors to run shotty snugs stick play i believe so just user sproles out of 4 6 2 man under or inside blitz with a free defender and watch that as i said then basically the play breaks down, likes to put one of his recievers in a streak (the slot wr's but they wont do much charger's wr dont do great in seperation). Back to the 4 wide he will protect left with o line and then protect his RB if your defender is one on one he is going to get beat against Jackson. Find a blitz that ensures pressure from the left and force him right and POW. His D is average I put up 59 points you just have to play it smart he isn't going to give you anything just look for the weak points and come in prepared and mix it up or else he will pick up on it. He plays more coverage D then blitz so inky dinky routes to the RB counters that easy. Like a delay blue for example...hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Pats Rule    Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:48 am

well i figure this report is on me the only problem is it sounds old cause i dont have the chargers i got the Pats lol so if u want a real scouting report on Patsrule727 ill give it no problem....I am pass happy which he did get right but if i see a lot of zone coverage i will counter with draw plays to woodhead i like to deek and dunk with this team mostly cause i got wes welker who in most cases is my number 1 option if not i like Gronkowski or Ocho i play out of shotgun a lot but use bout 3-4 shotgun formation with a few plays in each i will have a seam route in case of zone and i will have some1 getting open for man just in case once i see man or zone i pick my guy and usually get it.

my defense is dependant on the offense i will not play a lot of man coverage if his WRs are fast cause i will not get burnt i will make you drive on me. if i run zone DO NOT THROW TO THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD i am there patrolling usually with Jerod Mayo and i will get to more than i miss. if im in man im still prolly on MLB so i can get the RB in case of run or pass. Best way to attack me is RUN THE BALL i tend to give up a few rushing yards but people get tired of running and then throw to me. Just think of me as the Bears defense in real life they dont give up big plays and make you have to convert. Straight from the horses mouth an honest breakdown of my game lol
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Pats Rule
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