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 My DEN PB Offensive Scheme

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PostSubject: My DEN PB Offensive Scheme   Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:49 am

I developed this scheme to pretty much counter any kind of defense. I have had a lot of success w/ it, scoring on my opening drive 95% of the time. I rarely have to punt, I can't even remember the last time I actually DID punt. Feel free to LAB, hopefully you'll have as much success as I have. And considering I use the 49ers I'm sure most of you will be able to do much more than I with this scheme tongue

When I start any game my goal is to 1) Stop their blitzes 2) Read to see who they user and how they play coverage. Here are the plays I use and how they're effective against any contain blitz and nano's.

Shotgun Double's Flex- HB Slip screen. Not many higher level people start the game w/ a screen and I only use it once or twice a game, but I love starting out with it. You probably won't get any huge gains but it's an easy way to counter a blitz.

Shotgun Trips- Slot Screen. This shows me if people love to play man or zone. If they are in man I either audible into Quick Slant or a Draw. Motion your X receiver to the right and snap when he is at the slot receiver. This does 2 things: 1) Shows you if they're in man 2) Locks up the defensive guy on your inside slot receiver going out on his slants. Your B receiver will be wide open on the sidelines and should get you the first down. If during your motion you see they're in zone, snap and hit LB, who is almost always open in zone.

These 2 plays are really good at slowing down the blitz and should hopefully give you a little breathing room for the rest of your drive.

Bunch Weak- Close Mesh Another good quick-hitting play if they're still devoted to man coverage. Y Receiver is first look, X is 2nd. One of these will be open in most man coverage plays and is really good at setting up a game-plan which should carry you through the 3rd quarter drive (most important quarter in Madden).

Snugs Flip- Bench Swap Motion your A receiver to the right and snap right before he gets set on the edge. If you see he slips past his defender, lob it to him on the sidelines. Most of the time he is not open but your HB will be open in the flats 95% of the time and you'll have 2 blockers already up-field; designed to be a quick-hitter w/ a lot of YAC. (It also helps when you have Vernon Davis and Josh Morgan throwing you blocks downfield.)

At this time I'm almost always in the red-zone, where I go to my first red-zone Money Play:

Split Bronco - Bronco Y-Angle This is just a nasty play in the red-zone, I always have a high success rate w/ it, but I only use it if I have 7-8 yards to go. First read is your X receiver, who will be open immediately. Just snap and throw a high lazer pass. It can't be intercepted and the worst-case scenario is he drops it. 2nd read is A, who is on a drag route, which will destroy any cover 2. 3rd read is your Y receiver out of backfield, who will be open in any zone for a TD.

So this is my first drive of the game and I have yet to give away any of my offensive schemes. I will probably not use any of these plays for the rest of the game, which leaves me 2 more drives of a guaranteed score.

My 2nd drive of the game is my Single-Back Scheme: I use Troy Smith for this scheme because of his quick release and scrambling ability. I go hurry-up and sub in my 4th - 5th string WR's and Brian Westbrook. This drive is used to tire their defense so when you get into the red-zone their 2nd - 3rd string defense is there to try and stop a fresh Vernon Davis and Frank Gore.

Singleback- Flip Trips Singleback- Jumbo Z Flanker Dig (in audibles) Singleback- Ace Inside Cross (in audibles)

I come out in Flip Trips - Draw and hopefully they're playing a little loose after getting dotted in the flats the first drive. This is a very good draw and w/ a speedy back you can hit the edges really easily. Hurry-up and start audible into Bronco Trail. If they're still in Man, you can either hit your Y receiver immediately or your B receiver in his auto-motion across the middle. If I see they're playing a zone, I audible into Ace- Inside Cross. This is a deadly play for people who have their corners in Deep Zones. If they're playing zone, see where their safety help is. Choose the side which doesn't have safety help, motion your B or X receiver out to the flats, snap while they're in motion and if the corners fade back, immediately lazer pass, your receiver will be wide open. If they are in man defense, A or LB will be open on their drag routes, esp. if you have your speedy receivers in the TE positions (Ginn and Lance Long for me, who both have 90-plus speed).

At this time most players will be pulling their safety's closer to the line of scrimmage; this is when I call Jumbo Z - Flanker Dig Motion your HB out to the left and before he sets, snap the ball and quick hit him. His route shakes him from man coverage immediately and if they're safeties are playing it close, you can slip right by them for an easy TD.

Note: In the Jumbo Z formation, your Run audible is a deadly up-the-gut run for anyone containing their ends or spreading their linebackers to help guard the flats. If the linebackers are stacking the middle, audible into your PA pass, which is PA Y Corner Block your HB, smart-route the A receiver. The Y receiver's auto-motion shakes any man coverage in the flats and if you have a speedy receiver in the A or TE position, his route will shake his man coverage as well. This keeps the defense honest and you can gouge them up the middle and in the flats all day w/ these 2 plays.

These are just 2 of my offensive schemes out of this formation (I have about 5). I may continue the post w/ the rest of my schemes but this post has gotten a little lengthy and I don't want to over-load anyone w/ all of it. Feel free to contact me if you have success w/ this. I've won a tourney or two using this scheme and w/ good teams like the Raiders/Packers, etc. I'm sure you guys will have much more success than I (God I hate Alex Smith, he is so bad in this game Razz)
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PostSubject: Re: My DEN PB Offensive Scheme   Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:24 pm

this is nice Angrius.

i've run the Den pb a few times w/my Ravens and i really enjoyed it.



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My DEN PB Offensive Scheme
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