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 Response to the Zfarls NHL 10 rant

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PostSubject: Response to the Zfarls NHL 10 rant   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:31 pm

So i just finished listening to your NHL 10 rant and while I agree with some of your points, I can't help but wonder how much experience you actually have with this game before drawing such conclusions. For one- your entire rant focuses upon how horrible and impossible the new passing system is. I'm not sure if you noticed this, but this is the reason they added in the option to change your gameplay style. I too was a huge fan of 09 and enjoyed it tremendously but you must admit that the passing was way too automatic in that game leading to countless cross-crease one-timer goals regardless of how many defenders were in the passing lane with sticks ready. It sounds to me like you are using the "hardcore" gameplay setting, which admittedly makes the passing about 50 times harder than the "default" or "normal" gameplay style- which too me feels an awful lot like 09 passing-wise. I agree the boardplay has a bit of a suction effect going on, but it can also be used to your advantage by keeping the puck pinned in the offensive zone and forcing your opponent to dedicate an extra defender to try to free the puck. This actually makes the dump-and-chase game a viable option for the first time in the series. I understand your frustration with the new fighting mechanic, which has continued to suck year after year but I think you short-change it a bit in your rant as well. It certainly isn't fight night, but it's leagues better than last year. I recommend keeping your guard up and when you do throw make sure you are aiming your punch to the side your opponent is leaning. Also, pull down on the left stick if you see your opponent wind up for the haymaker and you will pull his jersey- knocking him off balance and often earning you an easy KO with a well placed counter punch. I've been lurking around this site for a couple years now and I really appreciate your free articles and tips and for the most part, but I think you should give this game another chance instead of getting so frustrated and giving up on the new additions before learning their nuances. If you are worried about having fun with your friends change the gameplay style and the passing is just like 09 for the most part. The problem is that everything from passing to hitting to shooting are way too touchy with the "hardcore" gameplay style, not to mention the fact that you have pressure sensitive passing to worry about. Give the other gameplay styles a chance before you write the game off and I think it will begin to grow on you. I shared many of your frustrations during my first experience with this years game, but saying that this is the first year you wouldn't bash someone for buying 2k over this is ridiculous and a complete over-reaction on your part in my opinion. Have you actually played the 2k hockey series? Are you kidding me? As my buddy Keyshawn would say.... "Come on MAN!!!!!" Shocked afro
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PostSubject: Re: Response to the Zfarls NHL 10 rant   Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:47 pm

No doubt man, i respect your opinion there. I was frustrated at the passing. I still havent played as much as 09 with MW 2 taking its place. I just felt like 09 had a little better flow and moving the puck easily was a big part of that. I think 10 didnt change anything major (the bar couldnt be raised much higher) but instead of adding small additions, it took away some of the better feel elements.

I will still ball hard eventually, it also suck that the bruins are blowing right now which leads me to watch more hockey and want to play more. Plus my buddies and I used to play and chill, but we havent started with nhl 10 yet. I still haven't given up though man. Good post though and much respect.

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Response to the Zfarls NHL 10 rant
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