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 If u enjoy TEAM BUILDING strategy of Online Franchise - this is where u wanna play...

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PostSubject: If u enjoy TEAM BUILDING strategy of Online Franchise - this is where u wanna play...   Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:46 am

This new style of LG is another innovation brought to the Online Franchise community by the Madden Group!

Oveview of LG in brief summary:

- This fantasy drafted league is for the keenest of team builders!
- To double the impact of TEAM BUILDING, we play years 2,4,6,8,10 and SIM years 1,3,5,7,9 (allowing for us to have double drafts each season)...
- The LG will be run under a SALARY CAP, including player salaries/contracts and with FULL FREE AGENT player bidding...
- To be successful in this LG, you will need to be both a solid STRATEGIST and excellent Madden Player to succeed!

How are we going to make this LG happen:

We will kick off the season with our 32 player Fantasy draft... - There will be 32 humans at the Fantasy draft - If a player doesnt show for the draft HE WILL BE REPLACED BY 1 OF OUR STAND BY PLAYERS (these stand by players are the top 5 players on our wait list); When u get 32 people together for a FANTASY DRAFT, its a virtually certainty that at least 1 or 2 will be a "draft day no-show" (its human nature - unexpected things come up at the last minute) but the Madden Group doesnt allow the CPU to select players in its FANTASY DRAFTS (the CPU does a horrible job - the first 2 pics will be ok but pics 3-9 will be an older FB,TE, K, P and O-LINE) this enevitably creates a weak team before we even start the year - WE WONT ALLOW THAT!

After the initial FANTASY DRAFT we SIM year 1 (your probably wondering why we would SIM the 1st year) - If we plan to do double drafts each year, if we dont SIM year 1 than the final season would be year 9... This would be anti-climatic (seeing there are only 10 seasons in Online Franchise play) - so by simming year 1, the last season will end on year 10... After the 1st year is SIMed, we will have our scheduled ROOKIE DRAFT but the offseason is not complete... You will have to resign your players who have contracts due (within salary cap limits), release players you do not want to offer contracts to (which creates more cap) and BID on other Free Agents... When these offseason tasks are settled, we begin play in year 2 and complete as scheduled...

At the end of season 2 we have our standard offseason tasks which includes: having salary Cap adjusted down to reflect changes in rosters due to RETIRED PLAYERS, resigning players contracts who have come due (and who u want to retain), releasing players you dont want to pay the REQ'd contract (salary is based on players OVERALL RATING), Bidding on the players w/o contracts that teams have passed up aka FREE AGENTS, developing a draft plan by "scouting" the rookie draft pool and formulating a draft board and than finally executing that plan in the annual ROOKIE DRAFT - all of this is done while maintaing your team within the designated SALARY CAP... This will take us to the beginning of SEASON 3 and this entire season will be SIMULATED within a few hours - and we will repeat our standard offseason tasks... Which leads us to our next playing year - season 4, this season is played like any other standard online franchise...

At the completion of season 4 we begin the above metioned process over - Simulating season 5 and playing season 6... Than we simulate season 7 and play season 8 and finally simulate season 9 and finish the league off by playing season 10...

The offseason strategies of the game are exemplified in this LG... If you can manage your team better, you will have stronger players and a greater chance of winning... In addition, the fast pace of advancement puts greater emphasis on developing players for the future BUT dont lose site of the hear and now (you will need the skills of veteran players to compete in the current season) - it will certainly be a balancing between putting the best players on the field now to help you the current season and developing young players for the future...

As soon as we announced this new LG - players started signing up for it - I want new members to have a chance to play in this unique and innovative LG too - so i am making this recruiting post early than i normally would for a specific LG - this is in the hopes of allowing as many NEW members to the Madden Group a chance to play in this unique LG...(insteaad of having the 32 owners made up strickly of our current Madden Group community which is almost 350 members now)

If you want in this LG or want more detailed info - go to our website (link below) - go to LEAGUES FOR UPCOMING 2012 SEASON

[url=[url= ] [/url]][url= ] [/url][/url]
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If u enjoy TEAM BUILDING strategy of Online Franchise - this is where u wanna play...
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