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 NCAA 12 Online Dynasty - Xbox 360 Check Out The Info

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PostSubject: NCAA 12 Online Dynasty - Xbox 360 Check Out The Info   Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:56 pm

If you are interested in an online dynasty that is fair and active let me know and I will pass you necessary info. Settings are listed below for you viewing pleasures. If you decide you wanna join please stay active. Trying to keep this dynasty moving at a brisk pace.

Everyone starts as a Head Coach with a 1-Star team and work your way up the coaching chain.

Skill: All-American w/ SN's All-American Sliders
Recruiting: All-American
8-Min Qtrs
Injuries: On
Fatigue: On
Play Clock: On
Game Speed: Normal
Player Speed Threshold: 30


Offsides 100
False Start 85
Holding 51
Offensive PI 100
Defensive PI 100
KR/PR Interference 100
Clipping 54
Intentional Grounding 100
Rouging the Passer 50
Roughing the Kicker 100

Custom AI Settings can all be found in SN's All-American Sliders in the NCAA 12 Sliders forum on OperationSports(Google It You'll Find It).

If you have any other questions or want to join email me at
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NCAA 12 Online Dynasty - Xbox 360 Check Out The Info
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