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 packages and substitutions

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packages and substitutions Empty
PostSubject: packages and substitutions   packages and substitutions EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 11:43 am

i was messing around with my old pittsburgh D from before I got good at madden, I have been running the 46 all year and now that i understand better why it works so well I want to switch back to a 34 with 245 and 155.. I like to rotate all of my linemen in and keep guys fresh ( plus i like having backups that i like on the team on the field) is there any way to have playcall substituions not stay permanent and/or can you use multiple packages ( like safety swap/d-linesub would be great(( olb swap/cb swap)) ) i like to match up my best defenders against there biggest threats and defensive assignments suck. If not do you know of a efficient way to accomplish what i am trying to do. I would appreciate any help ( anything you got out of those 3 formations too. lol )
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packages and substitutions
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