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 Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012

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Larry J

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Join date : 2010-11-27

PostSubject: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:05 am

I don't understand why anyone not running a custom playbook would use any other book but Carolina. This book has everything this season. It has complete running sets. It's passing is fire.

We'll start with the running plays.

I form pro has the FB dive, FB fake HB flip, HB blast, ISO weak, HB toss, inside zone, and the HB power O.

I form Pro Twins has the HB misdirection, weak zone, power o (this was the best run play in the book last season, ISO, and the toss.

I form tight pair has Mtn zone, hb sweep, mtn power, fb dive, hb power o, counter weak, and iso.

Weak twins has hb slash, hb gut, toss weak (great pitch play), and the power o.

Strong pro has has the stretch, power o, hb blast, hb toss crack, hb dive, and counter weak. This is a great running formation.

Strong close has the hb dive, quick toss, end around, off tackle, counter weak, and hb slash fk end around. I'm glad EA finally added a counter to this formation in all books after several years of people complaining about this.

I'm not going to add the SB runs because for me they are more situational. For instance, if you come out in spread flex and the defense has 3 down linemen then you would pound the ball. I feel this way about SB bunch, SB tight slots, and spread flex.

Now let's get into the passing plays. These are the bread and butter of this playbook but you can see from the lists above that there are more than enough runs to keep your scheme balanced this season or to heavily pound the rock.

We'll start with SB bunch. Here are the mainly used plays:

A simple play like stick can kill zone and man defense. All you do is streak A. Then you will have a flat, slant out, and streak on the same side of the field. You can drag X or leave him as is. The routes on the right will overload zone leaving someone open. Someone usually gets open against man too. PA end around is a better play imo if you cancel the PA and put that receiver in a slant or drag. For flanker drive against zone, I like to put the bunch on the short side of the field. I slant out B and streak A for the zone overload. Usually against any zone, Y is open for a quick pass. If it is manually guarded, the slant out is usually open.

Now let's look at tight slot. This is still an awesome formation even without motion quick hikes (for defensive assignment switching) because your play looks the same every time you come to the line. You can flip without giving anything away. Also, this formation will audible easily with shotgun snugs flip. Here are some plays:

HB Wheel and Drag Cross Ups will again be 2 of the most used plays this season. There are so many different ways to set them up to overload zones and kill man defense. Also, the RB routes make them deadly. Here is a simple set up for mesh to kill zone. Just streak A. Then you have the RB running into the flat, the slant out, and the streak combo. Also, you'll have a drag coming across too. This simple concept can make your whole offense nearly impossible to stop. With the ability to flip the play without giving anything away, your offense will be really tough.

ACE is an underused formation by most but it always has some good things. Here are a couple plays:

From spread flex here are a few good plays:

It is easy to pick up blitzes from this formation. All you have to do is motion 1 player and snap when he is near the center. You don't even assign him. He will block whichever player is unblocked. This formation is great for spreading the d out to cause mismatches or to just confuse your opponent. Also, when your opponent moves to a 3 down linemen set, pound the ball. Like Irish always says, "Punish them North, South, East, and West."Hmmm....maybe it's spread them east and west then punish them north and south. Either way do it. Slot cross is always a great play. Against zone, hike the ball and look for the drag underneath. Against man, motion X right and snap when he is near the center. If nothing opens up, look for the blue route out the backfield.

Strong pro has enough good passing plays to stay in this formation as long as you'd like. You can pound the ball then pass. Here are a couple good pass plays:

I like the panther y-post play. It has max protection with 2 blue routes coming out the backfield. Hot route your receivers to whatever then hike. F angle is good as is against zone. Just hike and hit the FB route as he gets to the line of scrimmage. Against man I would Drag an outside receiver and slant the opposite side. Dbl Pump and go's you get max protection. This is a good play to try to go deep. I would slant one side of the field and streak the opposite. The blue route will be the bail out route.

Strong close is always easy to pass out of. Here are the main plays:

Now I'll concede that Houston has more plays in strong close than Carolina but with everything else in this book, it is still no question to me what is the better overall playbook. Y-trail's deep route has been toned down this season. It is still very easy to streak that deep route receiver against zone defense and hit him for an inside bullet pass once he clears linebacker depth for a jetpack. Also, if you are on the right hash mark, the zone overload with y-trail still works. You just slant out your B receiver and the FB will be open for a quick pass.

Now for the shotgun sets. This year Carolina has some great things out of shotgun. They even added snugs flip and trips TE. The following are all guns sets.


For FL screen, I still like putting the slot receiver on an out route. If you can't be successful with Z-spot, then you are probably new to the game.

Snugs flip has been added this season and has some great plays. These will compliment the SB tight slot plays so that you can easily audible back and forth between the 2 formations. Here are some plays:

Aggie spot will be a great play just because of the flat route like the one in the classic stick play. Again the snugs flip formation is great for causing easy zone overloads for beating zone defense and beating man too. Let's take a simple play like mesh switch. Slant out A and streak B. This will kill zone and this play should beat man easily too.

Trips TE was a great addition to this book. This formation causes great mismatches when audibled to or when you just flip the play. Here are some good plays:

Slot quick flat is a simple play to use out of this formation. You can leave the play as is or slant out LB and streak B to cause the overload on 1 side of the field. You also get max protection and 2 blue routes. This formation also has a TE screen, wr screen, bubble screen, and RB screen to keep the defense honest.

Now we'll move on to split slot.

The route from the running back in 689 hook still kills zone defense. Look to hit the RB as he approaches the line of scrimmage. Panther cross is a good play mainly for the 2 blue routes. You can work your way up the field just by hitting those back and forth.

Finally we'll look at Y-trips open. This is always a madden favorite formation because of the ability to attack deep. Here are some plays:

Panther y-corner doesn't look great until you realize the RB route is just like the split slot 689 hook RB route coming out the backfield. This route kills zone defense. Just hit the running back as he approaches the line of scrimmage. Cornerstrike is another good solid play. Streak B and slant out Y for the right side of field overload. This concept kills zone defense. Also, you have a good running back route too. For a simple play like stick against zone, I like to place y on a smart routed in route. This is for 1st and 10 situations against zone. The defense will drop back deeper to honor the in route leaving the TE open underneath. Panther y-trail is a good play because of the TE route and the blue route by the RB. Do whatever you want with everyone else.

Anyways, these are the reasons I like this playbook. There are several different ways to kill man and zone defense. You can pound the rock or pass all day. It's easy to audible back and forth between SB tight slot and shotgun snugs flip or to audible to strong close from these formations too. It is very easy to audible to strong pro from strong close too. The tight, close, and bunch formations give you the ability to read the defense instantly giving you the advantage to audible to a better play. The only weakness I see in this book is that it has so many different things you might have trouble picking what you want to do. This is why I like to develop several mini-schemes and make the opponent play each one until they can stop it. Then I'll move on to another mini-scheme. In this book, you can stay undercenter all day or stay in shotgun all day too.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:24 pm

this is a fuc&&*joke this sh!t is garbage

jk-real nice appreiacte it dont report me
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:25 pm

Woooow this is awesome I'm sure alot of people will really appreciate it thanks for the effort. It's cool to see how other people run that book.
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ocho cinco


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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:00 pm

Nice thanks Larry j. I appreciated good inf.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:24 pm

good stuff Larry J! CAR basically is like a custom book...LOL already seeing it alot...
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Larry J

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-11-27

PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:40 am

Thanks. Yeah this book was killer last year and even better this year. I didn't post setups for HB wheel or Drag Cross Ups but those are really great plays. I wasn't sure if Gibbs put setups for those plays in his scheme so I didn't add setups.

Figured I'd post a scheme on this site myself so that Kingz wouldn't come around and steal my stuff and claim it was his. He stole my Houston scheme last season.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:21 pm

Nice job. A lot of effort involved.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:00 am


Great stuff as usual coming from you, thanks for helping the community. Great book and Bucknut said it best, CAROLINA is like a custom playbook anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:04 pm

just thought i would share my Deep post set up....

Here is how i like to run the Deep post play in tight slots, or undercenter snugs...

Slant out LB, then block A... quick adjustments for quick hike and you have reads for every D pretty much, just make the right one

Man reads... LB is open in man, the defenders switch up and it often times roast man coverage, also when the defenders switch the bottom or closest defender LB or slot corner switchs to the HB on the flat route leaving the slant open until the saftey comes over...B on the drag

Cover 2= Look for X as he cuts back in middle of field, or B on the drag, the slant out LB is covered by the flat defender here, do not throw to him, basically X or B again on the drag, B is the safety outlet on this play for me

Cover 3= Again the slant out LB gets wide open, the flat defender gets sucked down by the HB route and the deep blue guards X wr, also if time permits X opens up on his cut back to the middle of the field

Cover 4= look to the HB route or again the X wr opens up after his cut to the middle of the field, LB is guarded by a purple, the drag is open as well, not gonna get big yards against cover 4, if the D keeps playing cover 4 i quick audible to bench switch, streak both slot wrs and throw an inside pass lead bullet to them after they clear the yellow zones in middle of field

these reads have helped me to beat man/or zone with this play

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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:35 am

Looks like your offense will be tuff again this year.
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Larry J

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-11-27

PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:32 am

Here are a couple quick and easy tips to make your strong close scheme more effective against man defense.

Against man defense with any strong close play with the FB running into the flat you can cause an easy assignment switch.

For instance, call Y trail with the strong side on the right.
Drag your RB so that he is running right. Slant out your TE. Streak your right side wr. Hike. The TE will be wide open against man defense.

One more easy thing against man defense:
Any play with the FB running into the flat.
Streak the TE and right side WR. Motion your RB right. After he sets drag him. Then motion the RB back about 2 steps then hike. The assignment switch will leave the FB wide open.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:17 pm

This is nice thanks for the share.
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PostSubject: Re: Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012   

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Carolina Offensive Scheme and Strategy 2012
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