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PostSubject: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:36 am

1 Kenzo541- Kenzo gets this spot because of his stellar online record (50-18). But as people quickly find out Lobby play doesn’t = MRL.
2 xxmruserpickxx- AKA maddenjamie1234 is a 4 time SIM-League Champ and MRL runner up in season 3. Always explosive (on and off the field) he will be a standard contender and ultra active trader.
3 StupidDialUp- Being the only owner with 2 rings in 2 leagues (sim and MRL), SDU looks to place another trophy on his mantle and on the MRL Inception.
4 Qroze- AKA fatony is a perennial superpower each season but seems to get caught up in the playoffs. Will building his own team finally get him over the top?
5 Braxbb314- Brax is an unknown in the MRL forum but he has a steller online record (23-4). Will that translate into wins in the MRL?
6 sdizz23- sdizz is another newcomer who torched SDU in a pickup lobby game. The talent is real.
7 II-sleezy-II- sleezy is another relative newcomer but he has made waves in MRL Classic already with impressive wins but head scratching losses as well. Can he corral his up and down ways?
8 adamtgr1382- Adam is a former MRL champ that flies under the radar. Will his cerebral approach get him another ring in 2012?
9 majorlasbesthoe -Major is a newcomer with another solid online record (23-10). Will his madden game scratch heads like his psn name and twitter name (ingoditrust21) ?
10 cmurph831- Maybe the most cerebral baller in the league, his calculated gameplay makes him a threat in every game.
11 joeschmoe1234- A former Sim-League franchise champion, Joeschmoe looks to continue his glory in 2012. Will he get his game up in time to be a perennial contender?
12 tbaginlegend- DaMVP09 was once a force on the Madden Tourney circuit back in the late 2000's. After coaxing out of retirement, will he restore his dominance?
13 ochosiete314- Ochosiete is another new MRL face, one who spanked SDU in a pickup game and was quickly recruited for his talent. He has also proved to be a master recruiter who may be responsible for 3-5 teams in the league.
14 xx_ghost808_xx- Warrior4God is another baller who gives everyone headaches. He was undefeated in the last season of MRL last season before the cancellation due to psn's hack. Will he build his team into a championship contender again?
15 Craziekilla- Known as the hated bro-in-law of SDU, craziekilla's smashmouth yet head scratching up and down play may prove problematic for unsuspecting ballers.
16 buzzerbeater37- Buzzerbeater was an active participant last year in the Inception. Will his game elevate to his commitment?
17 acewhoopin- Acewhoopin is a Sim-style baller who elevated his game in 2011 into an also-ran into a perennial playoff team. Will his sim success crossover to MRL?
18 shawny_mac- Shawny is another Inception Vet who as an aggressive style of play. Will he light it up this season?
19 b-short- Shorticus has struggLed so far in 2012 but he once went undefeated in regular season MRL play and was a semifinalist during SDU's title run. Will he adjust and contend again?
20 nitka- Based on nitka's first two games in MRL, things are looking bleak for our beloved MRL Owner and Commish.
21 naterrage- This is the point in the rankings where we have a bunch of relative unknowns to the MRL. Who will rise as cream of the crop?
22 skool314
23 ramzballa2010
24 johnnytruelove7
25 peytondp40
26 xkwlzzit
27 mewisemagic82
28 killerC
29 swiftsoul21
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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:41 am

Lol fucking colin kaepernick is why I am up and down.
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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:58 pm

Power Rankings Week 2:

1 Kenzo541 -Kenzo annihalated Joeschmoe week 1 to prove credience to his power ranking.
2 StupidDialUp- SDU got a lucky draw vs Skool when he was forced to play with an unfamiliar playbook. Lady fortune shines upon thee!
3 Qroze= In one of the "louder" games, Fatony demolished Naterrage in a "excessive greiving" DQ. Maybe the EA franchise new what Nate was going to tweet before he tweeted it?
4 Braxbb314- Bbrax retired the first person in MRL Inception this season (Shorticus).
5 majorlasbesthoe- Forced a quit loss to Maddenjamie1234 (mruserpick). Jamie was also hit with the "custom playbook" bug and struggled to move the ball against patient "BestHoe."
6 xxmruserpickxx - Jamie, who in 3 seasons in another league failed to lose a game in madden 11, gets stomped week 1 without his "playbook." Excuses or real justification?
7 Bagzback314- Anyone who can win with only 2 CB's and 2 WR on his roster is a force to be reckoned with.
8 cmurph831- Cmurph downs former MRL champ Adam by 2 TD's after replaying another "excessive greiving" DQ. This mysterious "greivence" has been a thorn in the side of the INCEPTION.
9 bksbullynyc- BKS wins the thrilling "game of the week" by upsetting King Jason (Crabb) in a 45-42 monster. Will this "sim-baller" continue to make waves in the throws of MRL action?
10 tbaginlegend- Damvp squeeks by Claymaker 24-21. His "West Coast" offense is unique but is it potent enough to score against the top ballers in the league?
11 Craziekilla- Sdu's hated brother-in-law makes a mockery of newcomber Swiftsoul. Claims to have drafted the best in the history of Madden…and Life. Is he right?
12 c_rabb_2- King Jason get's stopped at the 1 yard line in the "game of the week" vs newcomber Bksbullynyc. Loses by 3.
13 ochosiete314- Lost week 1 sim game vs nitka due to inability to connect. Tough luck but great for rest of NFC South!
14 xx_ghost808_xx- Warrior wins a close one vs Acewhoopin week 1. Has Warrior digressed or has Acewhoopin finally caught up to the talent in the pack?
15 II-sleezy-II- Sleezy proves his up and down style of play and questionable draft strategy (2 stud RB's early) will be unpredictable all season. Will he prove doubters wrong?
16 adamtgr1382- Adam struggles against always tough Cmurph in a week 1 loss. With the former champ trade vick and become a more balanced team or is it boom or bust?
17 joeschmoe1234- Having undoubtedly the worst autodrafted team in the league, Joeschmoe found himself without name in a crushing loss to Kenzo.
18 ramzballa2010- Doc Motivation layed down the law on an Inception vet (Buzzer) in his week 1 matchup. His activity and pickup games have been ideal!
19. acewhoopin- Ace needs to win the close games in order to put himself over the "average" hump. Can he become a 4th qtr beast in time?
20 buzzerbeater37- Buzzer loses a snoozer week 1. He looks to rebound against a tough ochoseite squad.
21 shawny_mac- Shawny loses to a team that quit unexpectedly a few days after the game. He looks to rebound against more steady competition.
22 mygmiserious- Almost lost a nailbiter to the computer when his opponent flaked out. Signs of struggle ahead?
23 nitka- Our fearless leader got a simulated victory against Ochosiete…a gift from the madden gods for the inability to connect? Most definitely!
24 londo_molari86- Claymaker put up a fight against Tbaginlegend aka damvp09 but came up short.
25 skool314- Skool got bamboozled by the "non-custom playbook" bug in Franchise Mode and got rocked by SDU. Adjustments must be made.
26 naterrage- Self proclaimed offensive juggernaut and Sim-Master, Naterrage has struggled to put up points and keep his tweet shut in the process. Will his "rage" calm with a win?
27 swiftsoul21- Swiftsoul's week 1 annhilation stirs concern in his camp, but can he shake it off and balance out with a win?
28 Satopato05- This "old timer" just likes to run a team (but he hasn’t been seen on twitter). Supposedly he sucks (according to Nitka). If he don’t make deals, ill tend to agree!
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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:13 pm

Come on man, I dropped? Ive won my last 2 MRL games, Im comin for u man!


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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:31 pm

Sim'ed game = auto talent deduction!!!! get yo connect str8 foo!
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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:35 pm

lol lovin' this. GJ
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PostSubject: Re: INCEPTION POWER RANKINGS   Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:14 pm

Up/Down Rank Tag Team Record Notes
- 1 Kenzo541 Ravens 4-0 Kenzo is living up to the hype SDU placed upon his arrival. In part due to 2 computer wins! Is it real?
- 2 StupidDialUp Saints 4-0 SDU steamrolled Bbrax in a typhoon week 4 and finds himself 4-0. Adam is next, but will his schedule allow him to show up for a loss?
+7 3 tbaginlegend Bills 4-0 DaMVP finally has his wish to be properly bumped up the rankings. Wins vs two 3-1 teams will do that. His sissy Near formation scheme is the real deal.
+4 4 cmurph831 Cardinals 4-0 Big win over Fatony (Qroze) catapulted Cmurph up the rankings. A comfortable Cmurph is makes him dangerous.
-2 5 Qroze Giants 3-1 Fatony blew through cupcakes his first 3 weeks then gets humbled vs a game Cardinals squad.
+6 6 Renegade_Champ Chargers 3-1 Renegade took over a team that had a few sim games including a 3-0 shootout vs Craziekilla. How good is he?
+3 7 bksbullynyc Raiders 3-1 After a statement win in his first MRL game vs King Jason (Crabb), he gets embarrassed by DaMVP. Welcome to the MRL.
+6 8 adamtgr1382 Panthers 3-1 Adam faces a daunting week 5 task vs SDU's saints. If he can show, will he finally exorsize that demon?
-3 9 xxmruserpickxx Lions 3-1 Jamie survived a tough week 3 matchup with Shawnymac only to face a tough computer squad that he had to restart. Is his luster fading?
+11 10 superlativ1911 Bengals 3-1 After retiring ICANSLeezy, he ran into the buzzsaw that is DaMVP in a week 4 loss.
+5 11 xx_ghost808_xx Texans 3-1 Warrior4God caused a big stink about his low standing ranking in the power rankings then quickly gets ghost after a 30-0 drubbing by the hands of KingJason in a MRL game. Back to the lab he goes.
+10 12 Craziekilla Dolphins 2-2 Crazie has little problem vs the little dogs but is struggling against proper talent…like the computer simulation.
+1 13 c_rabb_2 Broncos 2-2 After losing his first 2 games, KingJason recaptured some of his mojo in big win in the House of Gibs and 2 str8 Lg games.
-2 14 ochosiete314 Falcons 2-2 Ocho started slow at 0-2 but has showed impressive wins against Majorasbesthoe and bagzak.
-2 15 shawny_mac Vikings 2-2 A surprising effort vs Maddenjamie (userpick) and a sim win moved him up the rankings quicker than expected.
+2 16 acewhoopin Colts 2-2 Big win vs Joeschmoe (an opponent he has never beaten) followed by a disappointing loss to Major. Inconsistancy killing Ace.
NR 17 nitka Bears 2-2 Luckily the computer loves Nitka with 3 sim wins! GET IN THE GAME COMMISH!
+7 18 Cowboys 2-2 The computer run team is better than half the league…ouch.
-15 19 ramzballa2010 Rams 2-2 Ramzballa TE attack is dangerous…if he had a proper TE from which to attack with. He needs V. Davis.
- 20 Braxbb314 Jags 2-2 BBRax found out how tough MRL can be with two losses to former champions Adam and SDU. Much to learn for the young buck!
-16 21 majorlasbesthoe Buccs 2-2 Major upset Maddenjamie week 1 but has found his slow pace game is tough to run if you get down big. Adjustments coming?
-15 22 Bagzback314 Seahawks 2-2 After starting 2-0 he loses tough games to Cmurph and Ocho. His 2 wr/2cb approach is proving problematic. Time to make a deal!
+3 23 londo_molari86 Chiefs 1-3 Claymaker's schedule has wreaked havoc on his game, causing a Sim loss in week 4. Time to prioritize!
+3 24 Bahama-Legend Browns 1-3 Bahama has been one of the more active members on twitter with his attempts a deal making. Perhaps more time in the lab is in order first?!
+5 25 BigJbeastin44 49ers 2-2 BigJbeastin takes over for recently departed Sleezy. High hopes from a league play vet? Or more excuses placed on MRL leadership?
-7 26 buzzerbeater37 Eagles 1-3 Buzzer lacks the activity on twitter but he is one of the more active owners since madden 11. Can deals be done to get him out of his funk?
-10 27 joeschmoe1234 Steelers 0-4 Joe has had a tough transition to Madden 12 so far. Will his football acumen come through when it counts or will he keep loading up on high draft picks.
-4 28 stl314drty Packers 0-4 Skool/Stl has struggled thus far but seems committed to right the ship.
-1 29 Satopato05 Titans 0-4 Nitka's protégé (is there such a thing?) sucked last year and still sucks this year. But will he make a deal to show off his GM prowess?
-7 30 naterrage Redskins 0-4 Naterrage has quieted since his first week in MRL. If he get's his game up im sure he will be wildly entertaining.
-2 31 bigddoomsday Patriots 0-4 BigDoom just took over for the Pats. Look forward to seeing what he can do in the league.
NR 32 Jets 0-4 This computer team is a dick. Don’t talk to him.
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