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 As posted by Gabriel

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PostSubject: As posted by Gabriel   Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:33 pm

As posted by Gabriel


I got to say thanks for all of your posts over the years. You have always been generous and very cool. Youve lifted my game with evry piece of advice. Your goaline D is great. As long as I can user the right side of the field, its great. Sometimes after the audible it takes a little bit for my guy to step into position so that I can "spy" him. But its great.

This year I wanted to try out a new sites products. I got the *********** guide from ********, and I got to say I love the concepts behind it but it seems like it was written before EA fixed something with the blocking AI. The guide promises heat from the A gap from ****** but the C gap comes instead. DO you know why this is?

I figured I could trust your answer far more than the guys who sold it to me.

Thanks! You help a lot of people in this community out. Zfarls seems pretty Cool to. I love the show.


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As posted by Gabriel
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