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 zeddie15's STL pb scheme

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PostSubject: zeddie15's STL pb scheme   Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:06 pm

1. SB bunch :Rams Z Option
2. SB bunch :Hb draw
3. SB bunch:Hb angle
4. SB bunch: Slants slot flat
5. Gun Trips TE: Rams Y-screen

You will be coming out in SB bunch Y trail every play.This is one of the only plays that I ever run stock.
Motion the outside bunch WR to the right about 5 yards and hike .I prefer this play vs. man though.


(man): 1st. read is the middle WR in the bunch. If there are not any defenders dropping into coverage throw him a bullet pass as he cuts inside.2nd. read The motioned WR will cut upfield and the CB will take a bad angle and get beat over the top. 3rd. is the TE who will cut back inside after going to the flats.(If he is open when he goes to the falt at the snap take the easy yards and bullet pass to him).Your lone WR should have inside position for the user catch downfield as well. If all else fails the RB on the blue should get you 4 or 5 yards when he goes out.

(zone): If the defense is in a cover 3 or 4 the motioned WR should be open for a quick bullet pass with pass lead towards the sidelines. Your next read is the TE making his cut.The middle WR should be open as he gets farther downfield as well. As a last resort check down to the RB.

Play 2. Rams Z Option( man and man press)

setup: slant lone WR inside and put TE on a drag or slant to the middle.Motion the far right bunch WR over a few steps not as far as y trail and hike.

Reads: Your 1st. read is to throw a bullet pass to the motioned WR with pass lead inside.( the timing will take some practice).Next look for the TE to get separation. Next look for the slot WR to open for a bullet pass as he turns around on the curl route.Check down to the RB if all else fails.

Play 3. Hb angle.(man and zone, but better against zone)

setup: put TE on a slant to the middle or leave on drag.motion RB to the left and snap before he sets his feet.

Reads: The motioned RB will cut inside for a bullet pass. Next look for the middle bunch WR to get open off of his cut for a pass with pass lead towards the sideline. Vs, zone the streak beside the corner route pushes the coverage back to make room for the corner route to get open. Then look for the Rb after he cuts towards the sideline. Finally look for one of the slants.

Play 4. Slants slot flat.( man and zone, but motion doesn't work vs. cover 2)

setup: Great play stock leave as is. Motion RB to the left and snap before he sets his feet.

Reads: Look for the hike throw to the RB after the snap he will be wide open almost every time unless usered. If you mix this in with the HB angle motion you opponent will not know whether he needs to jump inside or cover the flats to stop the hike throw. Next look for the TE in the flats. The slants all get better separation than hot routed zones vs. man and zone.This is 1 of those plays that annoys your opponent.

Play 5. HB draw ( anytime but great when your opponent starts dropping linemen into coverage to stop the passes.

setup: Motio the far right bunch WR to the right and snap like in y trail.

Reads: Look for a hole and if the edge is sealed cut it outside.

Play 6. Rams Y- Screen (man and zone, but much better vs. zone)

setup: Great thing to audible to from a no huddle because your opponent will be scrambling to set up defense for the right side and then you are in a formation that focuses on the left while his defenders are scrambing into position trying to make hot routes. Slant inside slot WR inside. Put Rb on a drag or slant to the middle and motion to the right and hike right as he goes off screen. If man the man covering the TE usually goes out to cover the RB and the man covering the TE now will be to the left of the formation giving more for the TE to get open.

Reads: Drop your QB back to avoid pressure and after around 2 seconds a wall of blockers will jump in front of the TE throw a bullet pass to him.If user covered look for the out route and then the slants or drags if you prefer them. Throw away and live to fight another day if you have to.

Trips TE quick pass audible: (man and zone)

Great all around play with 2 blue routes. Run it stock.

Trips TE PA audible: Streak the far left trips WR and hot route RB to a slant or drag and motion snap just like the screen.

Mix the draw in as well.

Hope you enjoy this stuff. I have more , but I am sick of typing. Good Luck.
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PostSubject: Re: zeddie15's STL pb scheme   Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:50 am

Nice Work
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zeddie15's STL pb scheme
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