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 when to blitz?

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black udder

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PostSubject: when to blitz?   Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:26 pm

Why do you guys send a blitz? I play someone who does a fair amount of passing from a 2WR formation as well as his running. This is a hard formation to get some blitzes through - so I normally wait until he's in a 3WR set.

I run out of the 46 playbook and have been doing okay, but thought some discussion from some better players would help us newer players out on when to blitz and when not to.

Typically, on a 1 or 0 WR set, I'll come out in blitz play but hot route guys into zones or spys, etc, but I'll fill the gaps and make sure I have a guy on each edge to try and cover edge runs. Then I'll play FS and try and lead the guy to where the run is going and if it's a pass, click off.

If they're in a 4WR set and short distance, I'll blitz and cover the draw, if it's 4WR and 10+, then I'm bringing heat, pressing and trying to cover my weakest corner with safety support.

I'll mix in some max coverage, but so far, I've found that giving somebody time to pass has rarely been a good thing. If they have pressure, then the odds have been on my side more than not.
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PostSubject: Re: when to blitz?   Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:31 am

I blitz when I want to make them throw short if its a long yardage situation. I'll use a zone blitz, man blitz, man all coverage, zone all coverage and mix them up so they can't get a read on what I'm doing. I call my blitzes based on tendencies who they like to throw hot flats,middle, or both. I always use the bump and run coverage audible so they can't get a presnap read from the safeties and corners, they can use whatever method to tell man or zone but they won't know if its a blitz or straight coverage.
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PostSubject: Re: when to blitz?   Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:22 pm

Depends on the opponent and his QB.

I tend to send 3 DLs a lot early in games to test patience. If your opponent is a scrambler, you can user to a shallow LBs in the purples and force INT-easy passes off the back foot or timing the check down. If he's simply waiting for an eligible man to find a space in the zone, let him do it for shorter yardage in a Cover 3 and opponents will get lazy and make blitzing and INT's come easy.

If you're having difficulty picking up a read with this, start containing with your DEs or LBs, depending on which have better awareness with a spying MLB and user'ing a safety in the hook zone. The CPU will send themselves to keep your opponent honest to where you will pick up a read on his tendencies to time your blitzes.

Obviously, timing blitzes is much more nuanced, but this is an easy angle with which to start without getting burned against 1 or 0 RBs in the backfield.
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PostSubject: Re: when to blitz?   

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when to blitz?
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