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 Are you the King of Games? (Xbox 360 Leagues)

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PostSubject: Are you the King of Games? (Xbox 360 Leagues)   Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:06 pm

Do you cherish the moments when it’s 24-24 in the 4th of the SB and lead your team to a victory… Only then can you call yourself the King Of Games…

Want rewards for your madden skills? Are you a competitive beast? Looking for a great group of people to play with? Or do you just love the game of football?

I bring to you the King Of Games madden leagues.

This is a group of 3 leagues, 1 Fantasy & 2 Non Draft leagues.

The leagues are run via XBL and each has its on site ran by League Manager so you can manage Rosters, Trades, and Even FA’s via cpu or mobile phone.

We play real football by set rules to ensure no “cheesing” and the SB winners of each league are rewarded with 800 MSP every season. Hardcore player? Join all 3 and you can win up to 2400 MSP. Casual player? Join 1 league and win MSP’s for that new CoD map pack.

We have Salary Caps, Trade Deadlines, and Rookie contracts to give you that real NFL Owner feel.

Must be able to play 1 Game a day atleast 90% of the time (5/7 days of the week),The Franchises will not all start on the same day so there will be 3 leagues with 3 different sim days
Loyal to the Franchise (Basically join with the intent to stay)

If your interested in joining PM me via THIS site so instructions can be given. Once Your in the franchise and registered on League manager I will send you a XBL FR. I will begin the Non Draft leagues at 90% full and the Fantasy draft will be 12/3/11 6pm est. Let the games begin!

Please PM with your Team and email address (This is for the LM)
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Are you the King of Games? (Xbox 360 Leagues)
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