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 Ram Need Help!

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PostSubject: Ram Need Help!   Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:49 pm

I love usingmy favorite teams but it's hard playing the top rated teams over and over again

Any advise on how to use the rams defensively?
-Depth Chart Help
Right now im using multi-D 4-6 4-3 mostly...

Any offensive help would be great too.
Can't decide on a good playbook or the best way to set up my depth chart.
What are their hidden gems

Basically how do you do the best with what you got
Any help would be great guys, thanks again!

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PostSubject: Re: Ram Need Help!   Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:20 pm

I was in the same place you were in (maybe worse off) in madden 08 and 09 with my falcons so i understand fully my man

Defensively you have to find what you want to do. then do it
if you have to move people to make it fit with what you want to do, so be it

as far as hidden gems idk who the rams have but look all over your team. Is there a fast LB? Can u use him effectively? Is there a fast RB? can u use him? Is there a tall WR? can you use him?

u see where im going with this..every team has a gem, but can you find a spot for him? finding a role for them is sometimes the hardest and most important.

As far as a playbook, there are tons of good playbooks to use. Buf, NE, CAR, WC, HOU, PHI and many more. You just have to know what YOU want to do and then pick the book that is best at doing it. From being is that same position before as far as being under manned with my team I can tell you one thing. You cant cut and paste a scheme that works for somebody else into your game. It just wont work nearly as well and a big reason is that you are using a lesser team. Build your scheme around your team

to win games while being out manned you have to play smart, efficient football.
Dont turn the ball over, manage clock, play within your players (dont do stuff they cant do) ad play solid (not great, but solid) defense...

hope this helped
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Ram Need Help!
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