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 Power Rankings Week 3

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PostSubject: Power Rankings Week 3   Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:45 pm

1 Maddenjamie1234 - Starting off the season 3-0 with wins against OAK and a close game vs the Giants helped with his #1 Ranking. Will this year be different from the last or can his Pro Bowl Dline push him to a ring?
2 Braxbb314 - "Winning championships start through the draft" so far his rookies and trades have helped with big wins against the bills and panthers. can his 3-0 success continue? The rest of the league arent believers.
3 Kenzo541 - Blowout wins against lower opponents is the only reason kenzo isnt #1 in these rankings. 1 key game against the bills will let us know how good his team is this year.
4 Qroze Giants - Fatony lost a heartbreaker to jamie in week 2 otherwise he would be top 3 but finds himself primed for a strong year in Inception.
5 King_jason - Week 1 loss vs TreUno was a great game vs 2 potential playoff teams. Jason bounced back with 2 blowout wins.
6 Craziekilla - will the trade of CJ2k haunt him? doesnt look like it starting out 3-0 he has his eyes set on the prize.
7 Buzzerbeater37 - Others in the league may disagree with this selection but his 3-0 record says different. can he keep his success up?
8 StupidDialUp - SDU decided he wanted to clear house and do a youth movement but was it at the right time? with a loss against the falcons in week 3, he will have to work very hard to win his own conference says the falcons.
9 Ochosiete314 - "There are who we thought they were and we final beat them" - Coach lol starting off the season 2-1 can the falcons fly high or will they get shot down and miss the playoffs?
10 Damvp - His skills are there but his wins arent...facing the toughest schedule in the league he has started off 1-2. Will this year be a hangover or can he put his gameface back on and start playing like the champ he is?
11 xGunRage Texans - Taking over for the texans early with there 2-1 record is better than taking over at the end of the season. Unknown to many in the league will he be the next champion in Inception? We shall find out.
12 MajorLasbestHoe - Las style of play has brought him a 2-1 record so far. will his strategy of 50 cbs and 50 wrs win him the SB?
13 XThewhiteboy- Whiteboy is only here because he hasnt played his game yet. he may win and go up or he may lose and fall either way hes 2-0 with a nice team he didnt draft.
14 STl314drty - With a very strong running game at his side it will be hard for many of the other in the league to stop him. Can he pass his way to victory?
15 Bahama-Legend - One of the most active traders in MRL he has built a team that will be hard to deal with. Will legend build upon his 2-1 record?
16 Adamtgr1382 - Once again this is subject to change once his game is played. Other than than adam has had one of the toughest schedules this year. He will need to bounce back hard with the strong passing of Brees and the running of MJD. Can he do it?
17 Thegamer5385- A bye week early can help or hurt a team. Lets see how it does for him. I think his team would be better if he trades me Dez.
18 Mikevick4eva - One of the more active mover and shakers in the trade market, mv4e has round to 2-0 until he couldnt connect with the eagles. Will his success continue or is this the fall of the redskins?
19 MalikRose - Stealing a line from another ranking, The only true champion has had it hard this year with a sim loss and facing 2 of the tougher opponents in the league beating 1. With probably the oldest team in the league can the old timers win before retirement?
20 Superlativ1911 - The Coach made it to the playoffs last year with a team he didnt draft himself.. With his only win coming from a sim can he bring his team to another playoff berth?
21 Nitka - "Ditka" Told me himself he wants to win it all now. A. Johnson, L.Fitz, Djax, Peyton Manning, J.Charles, K.Winslow are the pieces to do it. Greatest offense ever assembled? I think so on paper jus gotta put it on the field.
22 Acewhoopin - Ace has one of the top 3 head monsters on offense. With a team like that his record shouldnt be 1-2. I believe hell pick it up
23 JoeSchmoe1234 Steelers - Joeschmoe follows a disappointing year with some youthful influx. Can his offense be enough to return him to Madden relevence?
24 Ramzballer -Always a force to be rekoned with. adding Wes Welker to an already All Star corps spells trouble for opponents
25 Bahama-King Patriots - BK is another new player who hasn’t made his stamp on the league. Is being under the wing of Bahama-Legend a good thing or bad thing?
26 urinetrouble Cowboys - With the classiest name in the league, UT looks to climb out of the shadows of wittiness and back on the MRL radar this season.
27 bagzbak Seahawks - Is having a tough time beating some of the harder opponents in the league. Can his team of youngsters pick up their own slack?
28 Sailor Jets - Sailor is a relative unknown looking to make some noise. When people read his name will they think "madden balla" or "sailormoon"?
29 Shawny-Mac - the vikings have probably one of the best run games int the league but he has to start making plays with his passing.
30 capricorn-jedi7 Cardinals - Jedi proclaimed to be a future champion realized it would be hard to win the SB this year and trading the best QB in the game is a head scratcher.
31 LEATHERFACE_E99 -Came in making moves to better his team. will they help him or will he have a top 5 pick?
32 Satopato09 Titans - Nitka's SOMETHING traded away his first 3 picks last season…usually that something the worst team in the league should NOT do. Will those deals pay off to give him a chance at respectability?

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PostSubject: Re: Power Rankings Week 3   Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:54 pm

These rankings do not reflect Week 4
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PostSubject: Re: Power Rankings Week 3   Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:55 pm

yo good job man nice read here
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PostSubject: Re: Power Rankings Week 3   

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Power Rankings Week 3
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