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 pretty good qb run outta goal-line.

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PostSubject: pretty good qb run outta goal-line.    Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:22 am

been using goaline as my power run formation, due to the fact that is has a power o has its run audible and due to the fact that the houston book lacks power O runs (my favorite run this year). Its a good change of pace from strong close. So what I do is motion the 3rd TE (I use WR wing package, so its my 1st wide receiver), then let him set, then motion him back in and hike right when he gets to the outside shoulder of the DE. You get a nice down block animation and he has a lot of momentum. I abuse this and get the defense focused on the right side of the field. The having two lead blockers( the pulling guard and fullback) without having the running back take a stutter step to the non-run side (counter) is what makes this run my favorite.

This is when I caught on to the QB run out of this formation (my weak side run). Note: This only works if the defense is in man, and not overload blitzing the weak side (which they never are, because they are so focused on stopping the power o to the right). What I do is call any pass play, drag my weak side TE, drag my running back and full back, slant out my 2 strong side TE's, and slide protect to the left. When I call hike, I immediately hold the sprint button and put my left stick down and to the left. You get a nice roll out motion. The slide protect left should pick up their outermost guy, and all the routes should pull all their men to the other side of the field. You should see nothing but open green grass to run. Their user defender normally cheats to the right because he thinks the power o is coming, so I dont run into that much. Over the last 2 games since I found this, Tyrod Taylor has 5 50+ yard runs.

This is not hard or complex, its just a simple run I have found effective. Im sure people already are using this, but I just thought I would share, because it is helping me with games. This forces your opponent to respect the weak side, which helps give more success to the power o. By that, they either have to play zone (which then I run HB dives and motion my extra blocker in the a gap), put a contain on the weak side, put a qb spy in, and blitz the weak side. Either way it all helps the power o to the right.
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PostSubject: Re: pretty good qb run outta goal-line.    Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:33 pm

Good find. Not sure how effective Cutler is on the run tho, I try to stay in the pocket.
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pretty good qb run outta goal-line.
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