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 The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme

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PostSubject: The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme   Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:40 pm

If you've got 30 minutes to spare Laughing I wrote up many of my favorite plays from my custom playbook. These plays have helped me be quite successful on Madden 12, winning nearly $500 on Virgin Gaming and I'm now in the top 350 in ranked games on XBOX too. I usually play as the Chiefs, but this scheme can work for anyone that likes to run the ball or has a good and/or fast running back. I also play as the Texans, Lions, and Seahawks sometimes as well just to give you an idea of the types of teams this is good for. My philosophy is to come out on the first drive and pound the ball, this way you get a feel for your opponent and their defense, and it also minimizes your chances of turning the ball over. I'm usually able to pound the ball down the field and into the end zone on my first drive which then puts pressure on your opponent to score. Unless you fall way behind I think you should continue to run the ball and stay balanced. My run/pass ratio is 46/54. I've listed all of my favorite plays and formations here and if you want to stand a better chance against top players like Gibs and Farls, and win more games consistently then I suggest you check this out. If you're already an elite player like Wolfman, then move along nothing to see here...and these first few plays are my opinion when it comes to best run and pass plays, so don't shoot the messenger if you disagree. Hope this helps some of you out there!

Best run play ***********
Iform tackle over – HB Power O

Run it to the left and then no huddle and flip the play to run it in the other direction before the defense gets set. Can run up the middle but best way is to bounce it to the outside, have to be patient.

Best pass play **********
Eagle H Tight – ATL Corners

Put the Y receiver on a streak and look for deep ball or either of the C-routes, throw the ball right when they start to break towards the sideline and aim out towards the sideline. If no one is open at first you have two guys blocking and then going out on blue routes in the flats who should be open. This is also the best formation in the game against people who blitz a lot or know how to nano. You should put this as an audible (this is one of my audibles) and run the tackle over HB Power O, then no huddle and audible to this and look for the guy who you put on a streak because the defense will be up to stop the run usually.

Best deep ball ***********
Shotgun Tight – Bench Switch

Hot route the inside receivers (LB and A) and put them on streaks, leave the other two guys on the corner routes and then see who is open, usually one or more receivers will be open. You can leave the RB on the blue route or I just have him block usually. This play is also awesome on 3rd down if you put two inside receivers on curl routes and hot route them to the sticks.

Best Screen Pass ************
Shotgun Wing Trips – PA Bal WR Screen

Put your fastest WR/RB out as the B receiver and pinch your line on the slide protect. Sometimes the QB doesn’t get the pass off in time because of the playaction and one out of every 100 gets picked off, but this play is awesome if you get the throw off and the receiver catches it which is most of the time. Follow your blocks and you should be able to get huge yards, I use this play when there isn’t much time left in the half or 4th quarter and I’ve scored a lot of TD’s using it.

Shotgun Wing Trips – HB Draw and PA Bal Fk WR Screen

These are both good plays to go along with the actual screen out of this formation, on the fake screen pass look for the receiver running up the right sideline.

Shotgun Bunch – Deep Corner

If you have a big No. 2 receiver then put him on a streak and look for a one-on-one opportunity, otherwise this play is great for big yards if you look for the A receiver running a corner or the B receiver running a post. The tight end in the flat is also a solid option.

Shotgun Bunch – HB Slip Screen

Leave it as is except put the Y receiver on a slant route towards the middle of the field, look for the slant to be open if the opponent is using the middle linebacker and goes after the screen, if not the screen should be open and TE in the flat is also a target.

Shotgun Empty Trey – Jet Sweep

This is a very good play to use once in awhile, can be really effective for situations like 3rd and 4 or 3rd and 5 because the opponent sees you are coming out in 5 wide but it is a run play, try to sub your fastest guy or best runner so that he is getting the ball here.

Shotgun Empty Trey – PA Jet Sweep

A good playaction play to go along with the Jet Sweep.

Shotgun Empty Trey – Saints Y Screen

Wait a second after snapping the ball for the tight end to turn around for the screen and then he should be open, this play is usually good for at least 5 yards but could get more.

Shotgun Empty Trey – Spacing

Great play against man and if you want to throw the ball in short-yardage situation.

Shotgun Empty Trey – WR In

Solid deep ball play out of this formation, can leave it how it is or put the TE on a streak.

Shotgun Tight – Saints Spot Shake

Look for LB right away open in the flats, if not then wait for him to break up field. RB is a good option usually and TE runs a weird route where he stops for a second and then continues on so check this play out and see how it works.

Shotgun Tight – Zona Z Spot

You can leave this how it is but I like to motion the X receiver out and snap the ball as he’s going towards the sideline, he will break back in and if it’s Man D then hit him right away, if not open then RB once again usually a good option and LB on the C-route is often open. This is one of my audibles, really good play.

Shotgun Tight – KC HB Wheel

Look for the HB on this play, he’s the No. 1 option and can go for big yards otherwise look at other options such as LB on the corner route.

Shotgun Tight – PA Oak Cross

One of the few playaction plays I use, I usually put LB on a streak and then look from him or A going deep, the two outside receivers also run good deep routes as well.

Shotgun Heavy – Power Fk Jet

This is the Tebow package haha but I put a RB in at QB usually and my fastest other WR/RB at the receiver spot on the sweep. Read the D and if there is no one outside on the right then hand the sweep off, if they are more spread out then keep it and go up the middle but look to bounce it as always.

Shogtun Heavy – PA Jet Sweep

Good PA play to go along with the Power Fk Jet, Y is usually your best option, leave the QB in to run this play obviously.

Shogtun Heavy – Bronco Corner and Bronco Z Streak

Both good pass plays without any playaction, good plays in the red zone when they think you will probably run given the Wildcat formation and you should look for the guys in the flats on both of these plays.

Shogtun Flip Trips – HB Wheel

This is another great play to use against someone who is playing a lot of Man D, leave it as it is or put Y on a streak. First and best option is the HB on the wheel, if it’s man then throw it to him basically as soon as you snap the ball and get up field, if zone then wait for him to go up the field and then throw it to him. Y is also a good option or the X receiver on a streak, curl or out.

Shotgun Flip Trips – Deep Fork

Leave this play as is and look for the B receiver who comes in motion, throw it to him as soon as the ball is hiked and aim out towards the sideline, this is another good play against man D.

Shotgun Flip Trips – Slot Trail

Leave this play as is, very good to beat zone D. Look for B coming across first, then A coming underneath him and finally Y on the deep corner.

Shotgun Split Close – Close SD Dig

Put X on a streak or out route to the sticks, he is the 2nd option. Have the RB (LB) block and look for the A receiver as he breaks towards the sideline on the corner route (best option)

Shotgun Split Close – KC HB Wheel

All of the HB Wheel plays are generally good plays and this one is too, HB is first option again but also have FB in the flat, and B running the corner route.

Shogtun Split Close – HB Slip Screen

Another good slip screen to give the opponent a different look.

Shotgun Split Close – Close Corner Stop

This play is pretty good, definitely give it a try and hot route the B receiver to the sticks, he is really the only guy you should target on this play but he is open a lot. Try to get your tallest receiver as the B receiver for this play and wait for him to turn around on his curl route (it’s a little different curl so it’s really hard to stop) and then throw a bullet while pressing up so he throws it high, Click on and catch it, should be a fairly easy completion especially against man.

Shotgun Tight Doubles On – Texans Fork and Charger Flood

Both of these plays have a little bit different corner routes and are really good routes, you can hot route different guys if you want but look for the corner routes first.

Shotgun Wildcat Spread – Jet Sweep and PA Jet Sweep

This is a great formation because it tells your opponent you are coming out in Wildcat but its actually a good passing formation. Jet sweep is a solid play on this game so look for it any of the formations you use and the PA play keeps the opponent honest.

Shotgun Wildcat Spread – Smash and Four Verticals

You can’t hot route any receivers in this formation and these aren’t the greatest routes but it’s very effective because your opponent will most likely be expecting the run especially if you run the real wildcat once or twice before and then bring these plays out later.

Pistol Strong Slot – Mesh

Leave this play as is or put the B receiver on a streak. Look for the RB’s right away in the flats first, then look for both guys running the drags over the middle but be careful because they eventually settle into the zones and end up doing a curl, which can also be good because they sit down in the zone. Look for the streak last or if you see he is open.

Pistol Strong Slot – Bills Inside Zone

This is a good different run play, mess around with it and motion the slot receiver over to the left and once he passes the left tackle hike the ball and look for the hole up the middle or to the outside, or you can also motion the other running back to the left then motion him back and snap it while he's coming back, it creates sort of an illusion of misdirection. Pretty cool play.

Pistol Strong Slot – PA Boot Left

Best playaction play on the game, be ready to throw the ball as soon as the PA animation ends. The RB is the first option in the flat, if not open then look for A on the drag or B running deeper over the middle. Someone is almost always open so be ready to make the quick read but be sure whoever you are throwing to is open otherwise you could get picked.

Pistol Strong Slot – Bills Corners

Leave this play how it is and look for the backs in the flats or the C-routes, if all those are covered then the A receiver should be open over the middle of the field. This is another one of my favorite plays.

Iform Close – Weak Flood

This is another awesome play that can get huge yards and often touchdowns if your opponent is playing as his safety or if they are using man D. Put your fastest RB at FB on this play and flip it so that the RB who is playing FB is going out to the left. Wait for him to cut up field and if he is one on one then throw him the deep ball and let him out run the defender. If the FB isn’t open then X is a good option and A is almost always open for a 20-yard gain.

Iform Tight – FB Dive

Put your best/fastest RB in at FB and use the FB dive where the RB is going to the opposite side that the receiver is on. Look to bounce this play to the outside right away and if the defense is in tight and no one is on the outside which happens a decent amount of the time, you can take this FB dive for 70-yard runs without being touched, just make sure you bounce it outside right away.

Iform Tight – HB Power O

This is my 2nd favorite run play after the tackle over play, motion the receiver to the other side and if the defense is in man then the corner will follow him, wait for the corner to go to the other side and hike the ball, look to bounce it outside where no one will be, if the its zone and the corner doesn’t follow then hot route the play to the opposite side and hike it when the receiver gets outside of the offensive tackle and use him as another lead blocker.

Iform Slot Flex – Packer Comebacks

Leave it as is or put the outside receiver on streaks, usually the slot receiver is the best option once he breaks towards the inside of the field, this is a good passing play out of iform.

Iform Slot Flex – HB Power, FB Dive, and HB Draw

These are all good running plays that will spread your opponent out by putting 3 WR’s on the field but you still have the FB too as a lead blocker so these can be very good options when it comes to running the ball especially when you want to chew up some clock and your opponent knows you will probably be running.

Split Pro – HB Draw and Slot Post

This is one of the best draw plays in the game and the pass play is also very good, use them together by motioning the FB to the left outside of the left tackle and then hike the ball. You’ll have to make him block on the Slot Post play, but make it look the same by motioning him on both plays. Look for the hole on the draw play, there is almost always one somewhere and on the pass play look for the slot receive first and the RB coming out of the backfield is also a very good option.

Singleback Big – Seahawks Under

This is another one of my audibles, hot route both of the TE’s on streaks and motion the X receiver in. Snap the ball right before he gets to the tight end and if its man then throw him the ball but be sure he is open so the CB doesn’t jump the route. If he’s not open or if it’s zone then look at both TE’s on the streaks they should be open. Look at the left TE first, he’s almost always open and then the right TE.

Singleback Big – HB Draw

Motion the receiver just like on the Seahawks Under play and snap it when he gets next to the tight end just like on the pass play, should be some big holes to run through.

Singleback Bunch – Falcon HB Angle

Motion the RB out to the left and hike the ball, look for him to break back in towards the line and throw it to him right away, another man beating play, if not open at first then wait for him to cut back outside and he should be open then. Y receiver coming across the middle is also a good option if the RB isn’t open.

Singleback Bunch – End Around, Bunch PA End Around, Bunch HB Slash

This is the end around, fake end around dive play, and play action end around, all work really well together. I like to put my fastest RB/WR (Charles) as the B receiver for this so that he is getting the end around.

HB Wildcat – Counter and Power

These are both good Wildcat plays, you just have to read the defense and be patient, follow your blocks and use them as much as possible then bounce it to the outside when you get the chance.

Full House – FB Slam

Awesome short-yardage play if you motion the TE in the backfield to the right so that he is right behind the guard when you snap it.

Full House – WR Dbl Shake

Practice this play and the timing but very good passing play inside the 5-yard line or short yardage situations. Snap the ball and wait for the tight end in the backfield who is on the left to start his cut up field, once he begins to go up field throw him a bullet.

Full House – HB Sweep and Counter Weak

Two other very good run plays out of the full house formation, motion blockers around, on the sweep I like to motion the TE to the right and once he gets behind the left guard or center then snap the ball and toss it to the left. He will still lead block and the defense will think it’s the FB slam or a toss to the right. Motion your TE or FB to the side the counter is going so that you have two lead blockers on that side.

And if you've actually made it this far then here are the formations I use in my custom playbook.

-Dice Slot


Full House
-Normal Wide

-Tackle over
-Twin TE
-Slot Flex

-Strong Slot

-Eagle H Tight
-Empty Trey
-Flip Trips
-Split Close
-Tight Doubles On
-Wildcat Spread
-Wing Trips

-HB Wildcat

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PostSubject: Re: The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme   Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:06 pm

nice write up
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PostSubject: Re: The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme   Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:30 pm

Thanks Colonel!
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PostSubject: Re: The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme   Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:47 pm

nice breakdown chief... i just got my adobe editing bundle and still working on learning all the programs but i am thinking about doing a custom scheme video breakdown... what you guys think? should i?
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PostSubject: Re: The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme   

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The Chief's Ultimate Custom Offensive Playbook Scheme
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