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 Common sense and food for thought......smh

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PostSubject: Common sense and food for thought......smh   Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:47 pm

played this guy during my lunch break, he used the browns, i used the rams. tell me why this guy tried to run tosses on me the entire game? and its not just him, A LOT of guys try this, now here lies the problem, its peyton hillis, common sense will tell you, backs like him and jackson, jacobs, and blount and any slow back in the game, you cant run outside like talking about it. great players will destroy personally if im feeling beastly i run stricttly i form with these guys, especially with peyton, for example i form pro i bleieve. the hb blast going to the left is perfect for a running back like hillis, why? because LT tackle joe thomas is right there to block for him.its not rocket science, if you playing with challenging temas like rams or browns, these are things you have to consider, you have to really dig and discover whats to that teams advantage offensively or defensively.see its easy to run with a team that is so gifted that you can just pick up the sticks and pick any play and be successful w/o having to worry about consequences.bottom line, the more horrible the team is, the more careful you play.its a natural madden instinct, every move you make is carefully calculated.
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PostSubject: Re: Common sense and food for thought......smh   Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:47 pm

go empty set and audible down so J.Cribbs ( or even G.Little ) is your running back. You lose some beefy blockers but you can sneak a gamebreaking counter or toss in. My friend uses the browns alot and this is the best we could come up with to still be able to run two of the most explosive run plays in the game .
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Common sense and food for thought......smh
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