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 Patriots online franchise depth chart questions

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PostSubject: Patriots online franchise depth chart questions   Wed May 16, 2012 7:43 pm

Looking for some ideas/ thoughts on my defensive depth chart for my Pats online franchise.

This is my Corner Back Line up

Devin McCourty 5'10 27 age, 95 Overall 93 speed, 96 acceleration, 79 awarness, 99 man, 96 zone, 73 catching
Ras-I Dowling 6'1 26 age, 90 overall 90 speed, 87 acceleration, 57 awarness, 98 man, 99 zone, 72 catching
Sean Smith 6'3 27 age, 86 overall, 87 speed, 89 acceleration, 71 awarness, 91 man, 83 zone, 67 catching
Chis Cook 6'2 27 age, 74 overall, 87 speed, 82 acceleration, 46 awarness, 78 man, 85 zone, 58 catching
Lary Lewis 6'1 24 age, 71 overall, 86 speed, 92 acceleration, 59 awarness, 79 man, 65 zone, 72 catching
Treis Berry 6'2 21 age, 65 overall, 86 speed, 96 acceleration, 19 awarness, 80 man, 84 zone, 75 catching

Free Safety

Pat Chung 5'11, 27 age, 87 overall, 84 speed, 91 acceleration, 75 awarness, 62 man, 84 zone, 64 catching

Strong Safety

Adonis Burchette 23 age, 82 overall, 87 speed, 93 acceleration, 60 awarness, 59 man, 68 zone, 96 hit power, 65 catching
Whats up men

I did well with my coverage last season, won the super bowl for my franchise and my defense was stellar, with Mayo, and Spikes as my linebackers and Cunningham and Cousins as my end they had around 60 sacks total for the total for the 2 of them.

My DBs played lights out. I played allot of 4-3 and Dowling had like 9 interceptions, McCoutny had 6, and I ran Steve Smith at SS and he had 8 interceptions.

This new season I am playing well still 4-0 but my defense has had only 3 picks. For some reason madden dropped Sean Smith from a 88 to a 86 and he hasnt had an interception and dropping allot, probably my fault for not usering him. McCourtny has had 1 interception, Dowling none, and for some reason Chris Cook has had an interception and Berry has intercepted (has 19 awarness) and they have only seen the field a handfull of times.

So my question is some ideas on how to utilize the players and what positions I should play them in. I am actually thinking of moving Sean Smith back to #2 CB and moving Dowling or McCourtny to SS. Or should I play Burchette, I hate his zone and man but madden may be wanting me to play him since he is a 2nd year A pot .

Thoughts from some of you seasoned Franchise players?
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Patriots online franchise depth chart questions
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