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 416 B gap and double B gap blitz

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PostSubject: 416 B gap and double B gap blitz   Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:20 pm

Sub 416 I use the 4 DE package which places the backup DEs at DTs.You can have 4 lbs on the line if you want.

Overstorm brave is the best for this scheme, but works with any play.

The 1st. step is used for all the setups

1.Shift the line right and for any play other than overstorm brave crash the line left after sliding.Do it in the correct order.Shift LBs left.

Depending on what kind of heat you want do the following.

2a. put the safety who lines up like a LB over the top of the right of screen DT and move him to the left where his left foot is touching the DTs inside hip.Contain the left of screen DE= 4 man right B gap heat.The safety comes free.If you have someone fast like Sam Shields in this spot this can become he fastest blitz in the game.

2b. blitz the LB and contain the right of screen DT= 4 man left B gap heat. The LB comes free.

2c. blitz both players in their respective places without containing anyone= 6 man double B gap heat.

If you decide to press the safety will have a different blitz angle so blitz him before you press.

This is a unique look that your opponent has more than likely not seen and is also very good run defense.

Do not forget about the basic shift line right and crash line right concept to get 3 man right edge heat from your DE as well.
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416 B gap and double B gap blitz
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