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 Grim's 46 bear blitz package

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PostSubject: Grim's 46 bear blitz package   Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:25 pm

This is my 46 bear pressure package.. the heat in engage 8 is right A gap or left C gap.. Safety fire is left A gap or left C gap .. and the 3-4 solid cover 4 is what I use to quickly audible into max coverage.. For the most success come out in a Nickel, Dime or 46 speed package and audible to these plays.

46 Bear
Engage Eight
Pinch Line
Place MLB in Left A gap
Put SS ( left of screen ) and OLB ( right of screen ) in hook zones

Safety Fire
Pinch Line
Place Blitzing Deep safety in Left A gap
User player guarding the running back and look to take away quick reads

3-4 Solid
Cover 4
Pinch Line
Place Left of screen MLB in left A gap and re-blitz
Place OLB ( left of screen ) in a hook zone
Put DE ( left of screen ) in a flat or curlflat ( optional )
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Grim's 46 bear blitz package
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