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 My Cowboys Depth Chart

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PostSubject: My Cowboys Depth Chart   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:08 am

I run Goal Line Defense about ~70% of the game.
I based my defense off of speed. You must have speed in any defense, but especially in Goal Line.

I also want to say that I live in Texas. But the Dallas Cowboys are definitely not my favorite team. That goes to the Denver Broncos =)


QB: Romo, Kitna, McGee

RB: Jones, Barber, Choice
FB: Barber, Choice

I have Jones at RB, and Barber at FB because I want to have the best players I can at every position. I saw TWIM, in which it said that you should put in Barber in the late stages of the game because of his carry, which is what I do now. So I leave Jones in because he has that break-away speed. He has a 82 carry rating, which is lower than I'd like, so in the 4th quarter, I'll put in Barber. His carry rating is 87, so only a 5 point difference, but I want as much help as I can get when holding onto the ball. I also hold R1 if I'm about to get hit.

WR: Austin, Williams, Bennett, Hurd, Ogletree, and Crayton.

Miles Austin is my #1 WR because of his speed height catch rating combination. I have Williams @ #2 because he's slightly slower than Austin. They are both 6'3" which is great for RC.
Next I have Martellus Bennett. He is 6'6", a beast for RCing. He's sorta slow, but I'll use his height to make up for it.
I have Hurd at #4. He's #4 because he's taller than Crayton, yes he's slower, only by 2 points, but he's 6'2" which I can use to RC.
Ogletree and Crayton are 6'0". So determine the tie breaker I use speed. Actually, I determine who's faster first, then look at height, but when it came to these two, there was no height difference so I chose the faster one.

It's great to sub in Ogletree on WR Screens. He's shorter, which is good for WR Screens, but the main reason I put him here is for his blazing 96 speed. He won't be caught from behind.
Lab this: I've noticed that when you have a shorter person at WR on the screens, they tend to not go backwards after the catch. Even if I try and let the computer turn me around to head up the field, when I use tall guys, it has to turn wider to get up field.

TE: Witten, Bennett, Phillips

Jason Witten is 6'6".. great for rocket catching. He has 75 speed.. decent for a TE. Bennett is behind him for two TE sets.

Offensive Line:
Doesn't matter to me, I tend to go with the faster guys, just like sgibs7, because they can recover quicker, but it doesn't matter because offensive line ratings do not work properly. You can start the lowest rated guys on your line, and you'll still be able to run/have time to pass.


LE: Ratliff, Hatcher, Siavii

I have Ratliff here because of his speed. There's also another reason why I have him here, which I'll discuss when I get to the DT. The ratings for D-lineman only matter if you are controlling them. If you aren't controlling them, then the CPU negates their ratings. PM me if you want me to show you proof of this.

RE: Bowen, Spears, Siavii

Bowen is 6'5". He's here because of his height to bat down the football.

DT: Hatcher, Ratliff

I have Hatcher here because he is 6'6", and he has 74 speed. Which both are better than Ratliff. In the scheme I use, Goal Line D, your DT doesn't rush the QB. You need a fast AND tall DT so he can chase the QB, but more so he can knock down/tip passes over the middle. Just yesterday, I had him pick of a ball that was going between my deep safeties. The ball was thrown right over him. Well he jumped up and 1 hand intercepted it. As soon as he picked it, I started yelling " 6 FOOT 6 " for his height, 6'6". If he was 6'4" he wouldn't of picked it =)

Spencer, Carpenter, Butler

I put Spencer here because he's 6'3" and has 80 speed. Again, my defense is all about speed. I need fast, AND tall people.

MLB: Ware, Octavien, Johnson, Carpenter

DeMarcus Ware is a beast. 6'4" and 87 speed. He's here because in Goal Line D, he's the outside left rusher that blitzes the QB. His backup is Octavien. I used to have Jaison Williams at my #2 MLB, but I will explain why I've changed this.

ROLB: Williams, Johnson, Carpenter

Jaison Williams is my starter because he has 87 speed. Great speed for a LB. He's 6'1" which doesn't hurt.
I used to have Octavien at my starting ROLB, because I want my fastest players on the inside for A-Gap nanos. I moved Williams to ROLB, because your starting ROLB is put into the game if you chose the substitution package "LB Pass Rush" from Quarters. I use this substitution package because I want to have my fastest players on the field. Even if they make mistakes, they can chase someone down, or recover from something else a lot better than a slower player.
When you audible down to Goal Line D, Williams is your defensive end on the left side. To the left of him is a LB, which is Ware. Sometimes the defensive end is too slow to attract the Left Tackle's attention, that the LB (DeMarcus Ware) will get blocked which screws up your nano. So if you have a fast player (Williams = 87 speed), he will always attract the LT towards him, and that will make the possibility of Ware going un-blocked even greater.

CB: Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Gordon, K. Hamlin;

This is all based on speed. I used to have Ball at 5th CB, but I've changed this. Hamlin is slower than Ball, but he is taller than Ball. I used to have Hamlin at #1 SS, but I've since replaced him with Ball. I will explain in the SS depth list.

FS: Watkins, K. Hamlin, Sensabaugh

I have Patrick Watkins here for obvious reasons. He's 6'5" .... which is incredible for a defensive back. Now a days they are all mostly under 6'0". He has 85 speed, which is great too. One of the best user players in the game.

SS: Ball, Hamlin, Sensabaugh

I have Alan Ball as my starter because of his speed. SS usually cover the TE, or in Goal Line, they have the responsibility of the deep Middle. I put Ball here over Ken Hamlin, because of Ball's speed. He has 87 speed, compared with 84 speed. Ball is 1 inch shorter, but I'd prefer to have speed playing my last line of defense, rather than a player that is 1 inch taller. 6'1" is still good for a SS.

K: Buehler, Suisham, McBriar

Buehler has a lot stronger leg, but is 6 points less accurate than Suisham. His Kick Power 95, and Kick Accuracy is 80.
Suisham's KPW is 89, and KAC is 86.

P: McBriar

McBriar has 99 KPW, and 93 KAC.. he's a great punter.. 95 OVR.

KR & PR: Ogletree

Ogletree is here because of his speed. I used to have Felix Jones here, but it's not worth the risk of injuring someone I need a lot (Jones) compared to a guy I'll use maybe twice a game.


McBriar is a punter, but he has 99 kick power when it comes to kicking off the tee. He also has 93 kick accuracy. He can kick it deep into the end zone, with wind, he can kickoff over the cross bars.
I know a few people would be hesitant to put a punter at Kick Off Specialist, but definitely do it with this team, unless you do squib kicks, which I don't believe ratings would matter for you. I do not squib because I tend to give up kick returns off of squibs too ._.

Jones, Barber, Choice

Felix is here because I like to have him in all game.

Thanks for reading my depth chart. I labbed the Balanced playbook for about an hour, then I played two games in a row. I played equally rated opponents, and my offense was on fire. It was the first time in weeks that I've had back-to-back games in which I scored 30+ points, and held them to 14 pts or less.

Remember, this setup works perfect for the Goal Line Defense and the 3-4. Fast LBs, and tall/fast for their position linemen; Plus the fast secondary. 6'5" 87 SPD FS, 6'1" 87 SPD SS, 5'11" 97 SPD CB1, 5'10" 93 SPD CB2.

Good luck guys. Continue to have fun playing Madden, because that's what it's all about, oh yeah.. AND WINNING.
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PostSubject: Re: My Cowboys Depth Chart   Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:50 am

I'm glad I wrote this last night. I just downloaded the roster update.. I don't remember my backups =(
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PostSubject: Re: My Cowboys Depth Chart   Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:37 am

Great post! If your looking to use the cowboys, this is a nice depth chart. (I use witten at WR, ONLY because in my chise, Miles austin is a 70 instead of 90! But I love the thought that went into this.

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PostSubject: Re: My Cowboys Depth Chart   Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:25 pm

Hey thanks. I may do a few tweaks eventually, but really.. you can't go wrong with speed =P
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PostSubject: Re: My Cowboys Depth Chart   Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:13 am

Yea man this is a great line up, mine differs a bit. Like i'd rather have James in at MLB #2 than Octavian. I also start Jenkins 1 and Newman 2. Oh and Igor is faster than Bowen and taller so i don't know why you wouldn't put Igor in if you want that size.
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PostSubject: Re: My Cowboys Depth Chart   

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My Cowboys Depth Chart
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