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PostSubject: BEARS OFFENSE   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:39 pm

So as we all know a free scheme was posted recently from the Chicago offense. I figured i would start this so that everyone could get in the lab and add to the scheme and put there own lil twist on what gibs and farls have already come up with. post up your "$" plays, situational plays, scheme variations.....and basically anything to do with running the Chicago offense. THANKS GUYS

I'll start it off... (im on ps3 so sorry for the button confusion jus google em lol)
1) Square drag (left outside wr)
2) L1 fade (running back)
3) Slide protect left

1) look at hitting the screen quickly if you get a pre snap read of zone
2) if screen is not there see if there is pressure coming from the left if there is then hit square on the drag
3) if there is no pressure roll out left with your qb the drag route will usually open things up so that you can hit your running back on the run(fade) THIS IS VERY EFFECTIVE its almost like people lose track of the RB and/or the cpu doesnt really register this route(i use felix jones so his speed also helps with the seperation from the LB's)
4) if all else fails sometimes there is daylight to the left for the qb to keep running or look back to the screen
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PostSubject: Re: BEARS OFFENSE   Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:58 pm

nice setup. i like that a lot

i like the fade to the HB as its another option if the screen is locked up

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