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 HELL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: HELL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!   Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:40 pm

I just wanted to talk about my season with the Ravens so far. My 1st few games went great n had very few problems. Now 3 outta my last 4 games have been very frustrating and strange due to the fact that Ray Rice fumbling. Its strange due to the fact that he fumbles at the most crucial times in the game, he has 91 carry, and I am holding R1 to protect the ball when he fumbles. In my losses to mikevick4ever n jordanl90 Rice fumbled twice in those games. My last loss was to joeKINGgiant, I was up 2 with like 40 secs left in game. joeKING went for onside kick n didnt get it. I was in FG range but couldnt just kneel because he had 3 time outs n losin 2 yards each time would have took me outta FG range. Plus I was confident in Rice, he didnt fumble all game so far. I call a strong I run and hand the ball off to Rice and immediately held the R1 button to protect the ball but of course he fumbles, Bulluck picks it up and returns it for 6. No one on my team could catch him n I dont believe he is that fast.

The moral of the story is I believe I should be 8-1 but now Im 5-4 and not sure even if i win the rest of my games Im not sure i can make the playoffs. I just dont understand how a HB with 91 carry and protecting the ball can fumble at the most crucial times in a game FTL.
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PostSubject: Re: HELL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!   Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:55 pm

You should be OK getting in, I think 50 points was the mark last season and we are putting in more teams this season.


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HELL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!
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