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PostSubject: Old post   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:14 pm

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Gameplay Settings
Quarters: 7 Minutes
Acc Clock: Off
Injuries: On
CPU Trades: Off

Gameplay Rules

Game Schedule: Our leagues advances Monday's & Thursday's @ 12Pm Est.
1) If a owner can not play for any reason, he/she must create a post title “Vacation” in the forums and leave the league for the period of time to allow the other players to play the CPU.
2) Failure to respond to opponents or miss your agreed, scheduled game could result in your removal from the league.
3) If a player does not respond to your messages, please contact a league admin and we will help you get your game played.

Nano style blitzing is not allowed, this is defined as a blitz that is not part of the normal play.
To do this a player takes control of an AI player (Pre Snap) and moves his location, then switches off to another AI player and controls him. This creates a code mismatch and the game can not account for the moved player if he is pass rushing.

Rocket Catching – on offense, this is not allowed. Description: Do not continue to throw high passes, take control of your WR/TE/RB and cut the route short and jump to grab the ball. We understand if this happens by accident, but to make this happen will result in a penalty.

Offensive/Defensive push offs – Taking control of the player in an attempt to slow down the CPU defender/receiver is against the rules. In real life this is PI but the game only calls blatant PI and penalties can not be adjusted in online franchise. You can still user catch/pick just do it legally and not by exploiting the lack of a PI call.

Play Selection - You should mix up plays. IE: No calling the same plays over and over (running screen passes the whole game is not acceptable) Mix it up on offense and defense.

Player Movement

1) Pre Snap (Defense/Special Teams) player movement,NO MOVING D-LINE PLAYERS PRE SNAP, If you move a player manually (LB/S/CB Only), you must control that player until the snap of the football. (Line shifts, coverage adjustment, LB adjustments through stat pad do not count). This rule is in effect because of a recent exploit that cuts off WR/TE’s routes down field by blocking them in at the line or downfield. There is no slider adjustment for Pass Interference in the online franchise, so none is called after 5 yards.

Blitzing is legal as long as keep it with in the normal workings of the game. The best thing to do is call the blitz from your playbook and run it as the play shows. We are just trying to stop the nano glitch, not remove blitzing.

In addition – defensive line stacking is not allowed. Stacking a player over the defensive linemen is not allowed, the player can not be directly behind the linemen – Unless lined up that way by the original play formation.

Quarterback scrambles, again – stay with in the workings of the game. A QB can scramble for yards as in the NFL, but using a QB to scramble on every play is not realistic and very hard to enforce. Dropping back more than 10 yards without pressure on the QB is also a glitch play and is not allowed. When is the last time you seen a QB take the snap and sprint back 20 yards, it doesn't happen and it's not going to happen here.

4th down rules:
When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time. This rewards strong defensive play. Our 4th down rules are more lenient than most leagues, however that does not mean you can go for ANY 4th down you wish. If you are found abusing the leniency of the rules, we have the right to remove you from the franchise.

• Coaches may attempt conversions when they have crossed their own 45 yd line. ONLY with 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

• Coaches may attempt conversions when there is 2 yards or less to go, anywhere on the field. For momentum purposes.
(*Abusing this rule will get you removed from the franchise, so just remember that*)

You can huddle whenever you want, its part of the game, just do not make it the base of your offense. But once in a while its good to try and catch the defense off guard.

Squib Kicking
is only allowed when the situation calls for it
1 min left in the half or the game. You can not squib kick every time u kick off

Disconnects: through a full season, we will have a few disconnects. If a disconnect happens, players must message each other before anything is done. Give the player a few minutes to get back online. What the players agree to do with disconnect is fine with the league. If the player does not return in a few minutes or does not reply to you in a few minutes, you may take the win. We are tracking player disconnects. If we feel you are not able to stay in a game in this league, you will be removed from the league.
a) Games can be restarted from the beginning.
b) Games can be picked up from where thy were left off with score wise, teams can let the other team score to equal the same score etc. – then play on from there.

CPU Disconnects: Players are not allowed to disconnect from a game with the CPU. If a disconnect happens, you must notify a league admin before restarting the game.

Friendly disconnects: if both players agree to restart a game – then that is fine and the DS will not count.
If a game is disconnected, and the player agrees to let the other play again – the player can request that the score
be set to the same point as when the disconnect happened. Example: Tenn 14 NE 3, New England disconnects and Tenn
wishes to have the score mirrored. NE would have to let Tenn score 14 points and then Tenn would have to let NE
kick a FG and then the ball would be returned to whomever had it before. At that point, the game resumes.

Rules Disputes: if you feel you have a solid case please bring it to the commissioners attention. If he is in question himself bring it to another Staff Member.

Dispute Penalties: if found in the wrong the following may be enforced:
1) Removal from the league.

Smack Talk: we are all grown up in here, you should know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner. There will be times when smack talk is fun and allowed but do not offend people.
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PostSubject: Re: Old post   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:15 pm

Forum Conduct Rules: There is a Zero Tolerance Policy in place on the forums. If you are on there insulting people, or complaining about things, we do have the right to remove you from the franchise. If you want to file a complaint, there are forms for that. If you want to fight with people, find somewhere else to go. We're here to have fun, we're not here to cause problems. If you have a problem with someone, go to the Commissioner.

• You must have Madden '12 for PS3, along with Internet Access

• You must have AOL Instant Messenger (Go to to download it). It's a great way of communication amongst owners, and it makes it a lot easier for your opponents to contact you. Once you download it, create a screen name and let us know what it is.

• You must have a computer with internet access, to access the forums.

Trading Rules:

1) You are allowed a maximum of 3 regular season trades and 3 off-season trades.

2) Not allowed to trade for draft picks.

3) All Trades must be posted in the completed trades forum and approved by the commissioner before trade can be made in game.

4) Trades made prior to week 1 may be made using the drop/sign method. After week 1 all trades must be made using the "offer trade" option in the game.

5) Trade Deadline is week 9.[/b]
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