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 zeddie15's West Coast scheme

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PostSubject: zeddie15's West Coast scheme   Mon May 28, 2012 11:04 pm

I planned on having hd videos with voice overs with gameplay footage and everything,but I have not been online in over 6 months so this is the best I could do if I wanted to release this before Madden 13 comes out. You can call this the west coast offense ,but I like to call this the piss of your opponent scheme. This scheme as a lot of you know is very heavy on motion hike throws and many of my hike throws still work against the backup defensive assignments people use to slow them down.

1st. off this scheme can be used with any team, but works best with teams with 2 good rb's, an elite TE and good catch in traffic WR's. I prefer fast rb's over power just because of run after catch potential.

Audible setup:

1. Split Pro: HB Draw
2. Far Tight Twins: Curls
3. Weak Flex Twins: Counter Weak
4. Weak Flex Twins: Mesh
5. Gun Bunch Weak: PA Slot Post

The base play will be Far Tight Twins: FB Dive

Depth Chart setup should be:
WR 1: Fastest WR that has good catch in traffic(Greg Jennings)
WR 2: Tallest WR that has decent catch in traffic(Jordy Nelson)
HB: Fastest RB available(Brandon Saine)
FB: Depending on how much you use the FB dive you may want a power rb, but I prefer my 2nd. fastest unless I use the Panthers and I would have Stewart over Goodson in this spot.
TE: Glitchiest player available.

on't forget to go no huddle all gm:

Here we go:

Far Tight Twins: FB dive:

This plays setup depends on the defensive look your opponent is giving you and also on what plays you use to set it up. Vs most looks I slide the line right and motion the slot WR in and snap when he gets behind the right tackle. He will pause for a split second and then cut upfield as will the rb and you should look to follow them off the left edge. Motioning the rb to the left and snapping as he passes the tackle is effective as well. Sliding the line right helps to stop users from shooting the gap to the right of the center.

Far Tight Twins: PA Waggle

(vs man)Block RB inside motion the FB right, streak or slantout TE and put the outside WR on whatever route you prefer such as a slant in or in route.

Reads: 1st. look for the FB to be open 5 to 8 yards depending on his speed after he cuts inside and goes acroos the formation. Next look for the user catch with the TE on the slantout or streak then look for the slot WR on the user catch and the outside WR last.

(vs zone)This has to be one of if not the best zone floods in the game.Simply block the RB to the inside and motion the FB right.

Reads: The outside WR will be wide open against any zone besides a cover 4.Against any other zone the TE or slot streak will be open and the FB's route pulls down the purples to make room for the TE.If all else fails hit the FB as a checkdown.A similar setup can be created by streaking the outside WR on X-spot without motioning anyone.

Far Tight Twins: Slant Hook:

(vs zone)This play will work against any zone if your opponent doesn't manually slide the flat route out.I run this play stock most of the time, but feel free to add some streaks if you want them. Motion the slot out and snap before the outside corner slides over.

Reads: The motioned WR will be wide open unless a cover 2 is used and then most of the time the flat route will jam the other WR leaving him wide open.Next look for the other Wr as he cuts inside for a bullet pass or wait for him to sit down and hit him. Lastly look for the TE on his route at he gets upfield.

(vs man) The same setup is used except when you motion the WR out you need to motion him inside as soon as he stops. You will notice that the corner will be a few steps behind the WR and when you him back inside a step and snap the corner also will take a step back inside(I got glitches).

Reads: Basically the same as vs zone. The motioned WR will be wide open down the sideline with the right timing for a possible TD. The TE's route is similar to the Y-trail route in strong close, but goes more upfield so it kills man.Slot can be motioned across the formation and hike thrown to as he cuts inside as well as the TE will get a good block due to his route angle.

Also the TE can be motioned right and snap as he sets and he will destroy man coverage for a quick pass after a second or 2.

Far Tight Twins: Curls:

Multiple setups that beat both man and zone.

Setup 1:

Slant out the slot WR and optionally streak the outside WR.
Vs zone you have the basic flat, streak and slantout combo and the slantout is usually open.The TE gets inside position on his angled streak vs both man and zone for user catching.

Setup 2: (Man only)

Drag Rb and motion the slot outside and snap as he goes offscreen.

Reads: Look for the slot to cut inside for the hike throw.Next look for the other WR as he turns on his curl. Both of the stock curls on this play are great short yardage options.Rb can be motioned left or right and hike thrown to as well.Rb motion works on Slot Corner as well.

Weak Flex Twins: Counter Weak(hidden Weak Tight Twins)

Setup: This play is an amazing run and the audibling time is extremely quick between Far Tight Twins and Weak Tight Twins so your opponent has a very short time to adjust.As soon as you audible to this play make a couple of fake hot routes unless you see a very good look from the defense.Doing this will not let your opponent know whether you are doing the counter or our next play Mesh. Run the ball to whichever side looks better. I prefer the right side.

Weak Flex Twins: Mesh(hidden Weak Tight Twins)

(vs zone):

Streak the the outside WR and the TE, block the RB and motion the FB left.

Reads: The Fb should be open when the flat route bumps one of the WR's in a cover 2 . Against any other zone we have a great zone flood where the corner will get open. User catching streaks are golden as we all know as well.

(vs man):

Streak or slant out the TE, block RB, slant in or curl the outside WR and motion the FB left.

Reads: The FB will be open vs most man coverage for a quick pass.User catch one of the other routes if he isn't open.

Split Pro: HB Draw:

Since we are doing all of these quick passes you are going to see a lot of *** d.To kill this we have the best draw in the game at our disposal.

A good way to set this up is to motion the Slot to the right while in Far Tight Twins to appear as if we are trying to due a hike throw and when he sets audible to the draw or Gun Bunch PA Slot Post since the audble time will be a lot quicker since the Slot doesn't have to go across the formation. This draw is amazing against amost anything beside an all out blitz, which people will be afraid to use with all the big play potential of this offense.

Gun Bunch Weak: PA Slot Post:

(vs man):

Block RB, streak or slant out TE and motion the outside bunch WR to the right a few steps and hike.

Reads: Look for the TE and then the motioned WR on the slant.If neither is open rocket catch the corner route on the left.The middle bunch WR will be open deep with no safety help if you have time.

(vs zone)Warhawk version:

Streak the left lone WR and outside bunch WR and slantout the middle WR.

Reads: The flat route will pull down the purples allowing room for the slant out. If he is usered hit the flat route to get positive yards.

(vs zone)my way:

Block the RB and slant out the TE and motion the outside WR to the right a few steps


Look for the middle WR's route and the motioned WR to take the attention from the slant out leaving him open.Vs aggressive usered safeties the middle WR will be open deep if they bite on the slant out or if you streak the TE.The rocket catch is there as well.

The PA audible in Gun Bunch Weak is Corner Strike.

(vs man):

Streak TE and motion the RB left and motion him back inside when he stops and snap after he is a few yards away from the left tackle.If done right the defenders on the TE and RB will switch leaving the RB uncovered for a hike throw with running room down the sidelines and the TE on the streak deep.

Here is the ultimate 2 point coversion play.

Far Tight Twins: curls

Works against any defense:
Slant out TE, Curl the fb and motion the RB to either side. I usually motion him left.You want to snap as he passes the WR's and look for the hike throw to him. If he is covered look for the slot WR as he crosses the line of scrimmage.Next look for the FB as he crosses the line of scrimmage for the bullet pass. The curl and slant out as well as a scramble are your other options.

That's pretty much it guys.I got out of the game early this year, but I feel like I had the most creative offense that there was. I hope you guys enjoy using this stuff messing around until Madden 13.
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PostSubject: Re: zeddie15's West Coast scheme   Tue May 29, 2012 11:45 am

interesting... I like that someone made an ENTIRE scheme without strong close... but anyways im going to mess around with this later today..
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zeddie15's West Coast scheme
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