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PostSubject: MRL INCEPTION SEASON 2 POWER RANKINGS   Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:29 pm

Up/Down Rank Tag Team Record Notes
1 daMVP09 Bills - DaMVP finally reclaimed old glory with his first Championship in many years. Breezing through a week AFC, he dominates buddy Maddenjamie for MRL Glory. He is our champion.
2 maddenjamie1234 Lions - "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride." Jamie once again chokes on the loins of the big game in a crushing defeat to DaMVP in the ship. Will he stop playing scared in the big games?
3 StupidDialUp Saints - After winning the "game of the year" vs Fatony (Qroze) in the Divisionals, SDU's goonsquad defense did what it could vs Jamie, but the ghost of DRC haunted Eli in defeat. Age is creeping up on this team.
4 Qroze Giants - Fatony lost a heartbreaker to SDU in the playoffs but finds himself primed for another run for this 2 time MRL Classic defending champ.
5 Kenzo541 Ravens - Kenzo followed up a stellar regular season (15-1) with a dud in the Divisionals vs eventual champ DaMVP. Will his controversal style of play be enough to get a ring?
6 King_jason Broncos - King Jason fell victim to the "Simulator" in his playoff game vs Bbrax. Will his collection of fast players and unknowns be enough to compete with the elite built squads?
7 BraxBB314 Jaguars - MRL's version of "Sandusky", Brax accumulated an incredible 43 draft picks (4 top 7 draft picks) to completely revamp a already talented owner. Will Youth be way to glory?
8 adamtgr1382 Panthers - Adam is still suffering from the effects of his Madden 11 draft. Does he have enough pieces to rebuild and retool in a tough NFC?
9 mikevick4eva Redskins - Mv4e comes into the league taking over a well-built Redskins team. Will the "Sim" format prove too complicated for this dangerous opponent?
10 Acewhoopin Colts - Acewhoopin continues to improve and has built a solid squad. If his defense ever catches up with his offense, Ace could be a threat.
11 Warrior4god Texans - Soon after W4G's proclimation last season that his Power Ranking was too low, his team and gameplay quickly hit the tank. A late rally wasn’t enough to get him into the playoffs. A team with something to prove.
12 shawnymac Vikings - Shawnymac brings quite possibly the best rushing attack into the league but he has a tendency to get overmatched by top skill. Can he finally rise high enough to make a run?
13 Ochosiete314 Falcons - Ochosiete is another heavy rushing attack that can be problematic for many in this league. Can he pass to win when the situation calls for it? Jury is still out.
14 xthewhiteboy 49ers - xthewhiteboy has a good rep of strong gameplay from other leagues, but can that translate over to the varied styles found within the MRL brand?
15 Craziekilla Dolphins - Craziekilla is the Jekyll and Hyde of INCEPTION. He plays lights out for one half and plays Single A in the other. Can he find the confidence to play 4 quarters of top notch football behind a heralded rookie class?
16 Superlative Bengals - "The Coach" is another up and down team. The talent is there to compete but the results on the field are hit and miss. Will he level things out?
17 Bahama-Legend Browns - One of the more active mover and shakers in the trade market, Bahama fell flat in his hopes of a playoff run. Will his late round draft picks turn into the gems he needs to be considered a threat?
18 Nitka Bears - The Godfather, Nitka has shown improved play over the last several weeks with a run to a championship appearance in Xbox classic. Will he PLAY enough games to be a treat and solid contributer?
19 ramsballa Rams - Doc's TE heavy offensive scheme proves difficult at times, but his lack of heat on defense lacks the aggressiveness to make a play on the ring.
20 Buzzerbeater Eagles - Buzzer drafted his franchise quarterback that he hopes will solve his problems of medicrity. Will it be enough?
21 MalikRose Raiders - The only "Real" champion, Malik brings a passion for madden to the Black and Silver. Is he talented enough on the Vitual Gridiron to resurrect the ghost of "Just Win Baby?"
22 JoeSchmoe1234 Steelers - Joeschmoe follows a disappointing year with some youthful influx. Can his offense be enough to return him to Madden relevence?
23 MajorLAsbesthoe Bucs - Major's online record doesn’t reflect the disappointment he had season 1 in the Inception. Having a tough schedule can make anyone average. Will he rebound and show his true worth?
24 Goldenrage1 Chargers - Rage's shades took a 5-0 team and played/not played them into a 6th seed and early exit. Arguably owning one of the best overall teams, will he maximize their potential?
25 urinetrouble Cowboys - With the classiest name in the league, UT looks to climb out of the shadows of wittiness and back on the MRL radar this season.
26 bagzbak Seahawks - Running only with 2 WR's all season due to a complete lack of depth, Bagzbak retools in the draft to help improve his team over a long 16 game season.
27 Sailor Jets - Sailor is a relative unknown looking to make some noise. When people read his name will they think "madden balla" or "sailormoon"?
28 stl314drty Packers - Drty was subject to ridicule over some early questionable deals (some involving a pack of Doral's) that may have cost him in his first season. Will he show his Gming is genious or farce this year?
29 Bahama-King Patriots - BK is another new player who hasn’t made his stamp on the league. Is being under the wing of Bahama-Legend a good thing or bad thing?
30 capricorn-jedi7 Cardinals - Jedi proclaimed to be a future champion once he realized he took over a team that owned Aaron Rodgers. Will his sticks be as wicked as his tongue?
31 Football-24-7 Chiefs - Football247 came in early making many deals early but as the season progressed he turned Casper and has yet to reappear. What will become of this youngster?
32 Satopato09 Titans - Nitka's SOMETHING traded away his first 3 picks last season…usually that something the worst team in the league should NOT do. Will those deals pay off to give him a chance at respectability?
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Posts : 213
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Location : New Orleans, LA

PostSubject: Re: MRL INCEPTION SEASON 2 POWER RANKINGS   Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:45 pm

Up/Down Previous Rank Rank Tag Team Record Notes
4 5 1 Kenzo541 Ravens 9-0 Controversal Kenzo heads up our power rankings while running ramshod over lesser competition this season. He has vowed to eliminate the shake from his arsenal. Will it slow him down?
0 2 2 maddenjamie1234 Lions 9-1 Jamie still is high on the power rankings even after the shocking loss to ShawnyMac. Will the ultimate bridesmaid finally get his MRL ring or will a ground and pound attack end him?
1 4 3 Qroze Giants 9-1 The 3-peat MRL Classic champ is always going to be the favorite to win it but he has shown morality in the INCEPTION. Will a INCEPTION ring mount him as the GOAT?
3 7 4 BraxBB314 Jaguars 10-0 Brax has shown what a devestating rushing attack can do on teams. Factor that with his "win at all cost" approach that may not win much respect, it undoubtedly wins games.
9 14 5 xthewhiteboy 49ers 7-2 The Comedian has quietly squashed opponents this season and if it werent for 2 SIM losses, he may be atop the power rankings. Will this spectre continue to float by to glory?
-3 3 6 StupidDialUp Saints 7-3 SDU has shown wear and tear on his game this season with 3 losses by 3 points or less. After failing in crunch time last season, will he win enough to just make the playoffs with gms against Fatony/Jamie left?
10 17 7 Bahama-Legend Browns 6-3 Bahama has shown vast improvement from last years debacle of a season. Is it because of a cupcake schedule or has he finally figured it out.
16 24 8 thegamer Chargers 6-3 The rookie Thegamer has won some tight games since he joined the INCEPTION. Taking over a vastly talented team, will his skill be enough to match the talent on the field to be relevent?
-1 8 9 adamtgr1382 Panthers 6-3 Adam finds himself in another dogfight in the NFC South with SDU and Ocho yet find himself in trouble for the playoffs yet again. Will MJD quit the fumbles and rush him to a shot at the show?
-1 9 10 mikevick4eva Redskins 6-3 Arguably possessing the best userskills in the league, MikeVick's pass only approach has proved difficult for many, but will reliance on the SpecCatch be enough come crunch time?
9 20 11 Buzzerbeater Eagles 6-4 Buzzerbeater has quietly be knocking down his competition but seems to struggle against the elite. Will he form the mental toughness to know he just may belong at the top?
0 12 12 shawnymac Vikings 5-4 Shawnymac shows anything is possible with AP in a stunning upset of Jamie. After running off 5 str8 wins, can he continue his push for a playoff push?
2 15 13 Craziekilla Dolphins 6-3 Craziekilla has 2 SIM losses that has kept him from dominating his week AFC east division. Will rookies Joplin and Freeman be enough for this vet to make some noise?
-1 13 14 Ochosiete314 Falcons 6-4 Ocho ran off to a 6-2 start but has stalled with 2 str8 blow out losses to playoff quality teams. Will his connection clear up and rushing attack correct itself in time?
-9 6 15 King_jason Broncos 5-4 KJ has realized that drafting and maintaining a Madden 11 style of team (All Speed) is not paying dividens. Will his new found ball control style turn the tide?
2 18 16 Nitka Bears 4-5 Nitka has proved to be the KING OF SIM, going undefeated in all Sim wins. Is he scared to play his games or is he just giving his opponents a shot a winning?
-6 11 17 xgunrage Texans 4-5 Gunrage has played near .500 ball this season but seems destined to be middle of the pack until the light switches on on defense.
-17 1 18 daMVP09 Bills 4-5 Running the risk of being the first former champ to not make the playoffs the next season, DaMVP has fallen far from grace in a weak AFC. Was his title a fluke or has his focused just waned?
2 21 19 MalikRose Raiders 4-5 Malik's autopicked team has caused difficulty on the field and in the trade market. Will a weak draft help him compete next season?
6 26 20 bagzbak Seahawks 3-6 The PREZ may have limited madden IQ, but he has shown the ability to pound the rock. Will Bradshaw be enough to break some hearts?
4 25 21 urinetrouble Cowboys 3-6 Urinetrouble has been a ghost on twitter but finds a way to get his games in…and lose. Is his success in APA a fluke (6-1)?
6 28 22 stl314drty Packers 3-6 Drty lack of playmakers have kept his team at bay. A trip to MaddenBible may sharpen up his game enough to be relevant.
6 29 23 Bahama-King Patriots 3-6 BK Broiler has not broiled anything as of late. Will the King rule these last few weeks or is he just a jester in disguise?
7 31 24 KrayAK47 Chiefs 4-6 KrayAK seems to play up and down to his competition. Has the game passed this philosopher by or is he just setting up the league for next season?
-2 23 25 MajorLAsbesthoe Bucs 3-6 Major has a great online record but that has not translated well to the INCEPTION. He continues to struggle in a wicked tough NFC South. Lobbies be damned.
-4 22 26 JoeSchmoe1234 Steelers 2-7 Joe, with arguably the worst team ever drafted by autopick has struggled for 2 seasons to bridge the lack of talent to success. Will multiple rookies ease the transition next season?
0 27 27 Wtfkillem Jets 2-7 Killem has openly said he is in the suck4luck sweepstakes so we wont really see his talent till next season.
-18 10 28 Acewhoopin Colts 2-7 Acewhoopin has NOT been in the suck4luck sweepstakes, but his team and coaches apparently didn’t get the memo. They just suck.
-13 16 29 Superlative Bengals 2-7 The Coach has been left behind by the rest of #teamUGH, losing many along the way to basement. Will he get involved enough to improve a wretched passing attack?
-11 19 30 ramsballa Rams 1-8 Doc has lacked motivation mightly this season behind a vanilla defense and lack of a proper running game. Can he draft/trade for talent next season to move him up this list?
1 32 31 Satopato09 Titans 1-9 Having winning his 1st game in INCEPTION in 2 seasons (by SIM) has given the titans hope!
-2 30 32 capricorn-jedi7 Cardinals 0-9 Jedi, even with his game broadcasting and ties to Hope Bromley has not elevated his play a bit. Will his Chicken-without-a-Head offense with vick ever make sense?
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